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Out and about
05/17/2009, Lagos

We are enjoying the sun and company here but are a bit disappointed with sailing conditions which seem too reminiscent of our experience sailing through the Med when we took Kaivalya home to the UK - too much or too little wind. Sue warned us not to go out if we can hear the waves breaking on the beach in the marina as it can get very uncomfortable sailing in the bay as waves seem to funnel into the bay and reflect off the cliffs.

Shopping here easy as there is a Ecomarche over the bridge about 500m away and a Pingo Doce in the opposite direction a little further away. Elsewhere in the town there is Lidl and Intermarche. There is a covered market on the front and another smaller Saturday one, next to the Bus station opposite the bridge.

There are lots of twisting and often steep streets in the town filled with bars, restaurants and small shops selling all sorts of things. Steve visited the chandlery in the boatyard - expensive of course but there is another useful DIY/iron mongers up the hill from Lidl. Fortunately there is a book swap here in the Marina Laundrette so we can change some of our books.

An afternoon sail
05/08/2009, Lagos

Went out for a sail in the bay for a couple of hours but not much fun as the wind dropped after a while so the boom was banging and rather than rig a preventer we motored back into the marina. We have met a few folk on our pontoon and some have been here for a long time, one couple for 17 years. Sue, another long-timer said it is known as the "Velcro Port" as folk come and become comfortable here and never go further. The marina offer a good 6 or 9 month contract then folk either go sailing or some prefer to be lifted for the hottest and most expensive 3 months of the year in the Sopromar boatyard Lagos or in Portmao.

Town walls from the boat as we motored up the river.

A stay in Lagos
04/28/2009, Lagos

We are here in Lagos for about 3 weeks as my uncle is coming out for a visit and this seems a good place with a train to the airport at Faro and there are nearby places to visit. Also we can easily go for a sail in the bay and try out our new Cruising Chute.

Leaving Ayamonte
04/26/2009, Ayamonte

We left Ayamonte yesterday, a bit sad to leave all the friends we had made but many of them were off to new places as well. As there was no fuel berth in the marina we set off to fill up and stay overnight at Vilamoura. There is a berth across the river at Vila Real but they are not among our favourite people after the scratches!

Thankfully the silly Summer prices here do not apply yet.

Above is the wreck near the entrance to the marina

Goodbye pigeons
03/26/2009, Ayamonte

There were a huge number of pigeons in the town, especially around the various squares where they can obviously get food dropped on the floor. At times they could be quite a nuisance as they were rather bold, scurrying under tables for crumbs, or flying onto tables when bars and cafes were not so busy. After a while I noticed that the white doves in the fountain at the entrance to the square facing the marina had disappeared. All was explained when reading the local free English paper I saw that the town council had paid a firm to get rid of the problem by flying trained falcons and other birds of prey through the town very early in the mornings to discourage the birds. It worked!

Above is the fountain minus doves or pigeons.

01/16/2009, Ayamonte

One of the many interest statutes around the town, this one is on the roundabout near the Plaza de Espana.

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