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Settling in
09/23/2009, Lagos

Great to be back in the sunshine, still very hot but not unbearably so. Talking to Jenny and Colin I have discovered that a couple we spent some time with in Povoa 2008 are here for their 3rd Winter, what a small world sailing is.

Lagos is a bit different to Ayamonte in that there are some organised events to welcome people to the marina, the Sopromar Boatyard organise a tour of their facilities and a barbecue afterwards and there are two boat trips on the replica Caravel based in Lagos with refreshments provided. I have snapped the Caravel moored in the river - see above.

There is also a website called Lagos run by Terry O'Brien who has been here some years, he still has his boat Celine in the marina but has an apartment in the town as well. Terry broadcasts a weather forecast, what's on and passes on all sorts of information that might be useful at 09.30 Mondays and Fridays during the winter and news can be sent to you via email as well. It's open to folk to ask questions and pass on information themselves. The website has a list of anyone who joins Lagos navigators and also lots more. Over the years some discounts have been arranged with some of the bars and shops in the marina and town. We will definitely join and go to the welcome events as they will give us a chance to meet some people.

Off home
09/07/2009, Lagos

We are leaving the boat on Pontoon E in Lagos while we go home. A couple from South Africa, who live permanently on their boat here are going to keep an eye on her while we go home for a couple of weeks. We have decided to over winter here.

A country walk
09/06/2009, Lagos

I went on the first walk of the year today which was a short one to ease everyone in. It was a beautiful day and we had a relaxed saunter through the countryside with a stop midday at a local restaurant for lunch. It was about 5e a head including wine and a head I got to meet a few more folk, then back to Lagos. Apparently these walks are held once a fortnight on Wednesdays, sometimes using the very good value local buses, when they are not circular routes.

Another hiccup
09/04/2009, Portmao


Just as we were readying ourselves to depart and sail off into the blue yonder we have heard from home we need to return again and move my Mum into a downstairs flat, which will be much better for her. As this will take at least a fortnight, as we want to settle her in properly, we have decided to head westwards to Lagos, a safe place to leave the boat. Having changed our feelings about the place we have decided to probably over winter there or maybe Portmao.

So here we are in Portmao having a look at the marina. Not very impressed as the shops are a bike ride away and the showers are a trek for most boats. A couple on a nearby boat said that it gets quite windy in winter so there is a lot of chaffing on your ropes and you can get through a couple of lines a month. Don't think we'll be staying here.

Back on the boat
08/26/2009, Olhao

We arrived back from the UK the other day and are waiting for the mechanic to complete servicing the engine. Still extremely hot and looking forward to sailing again. Busy loading up with supplies from the Minipreco.

Enjoying some beautiful sunsets.

It's not as bad as it looks - honestly!
06/24/2009, Olhao

The view of the boatyard from the road looks dire but it was OK for a short stay, especially if you were not there all the time, leaving the boat to dry out etc. The cost was very attractive as I said before but prices went up if you stayed longer than 6 months (would you want to?). Root (that's how you pronounce her name but spelling wrong obviously) the girl in the office was lovely and very helpful and we got a mechanic to work on the engine fairly promptly compared to some places. On balance we'd go again.

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