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A belated Burn’s Night Celebration
02/10/2010, Lagos

Lesley and Andy from Glasgow returned from their Christmas/ Hogmanay break in the UK complete with 3 haggises or is the correct plural haggii? It was past the appointed date of 25th January but so what. There were 8 of us attending and we all had a haggis to cook on our boats as large scale catering on a boat can be tricky! Lesley prepared all the vegetables - neeps and tatties (mashed turnip and potatoes. Of course North of Hadrian's Wall turnip is swede unlike the whitish root vegetable we think of as a turnip further south! We also had a soup and dessert which was Portuguese rather than Scottish.

Lesley wore a tartan skirt and Andy did a valiant job of addressing the haggis - "great chieftain other puddin race" etc. I must say the haggis tasted better than the ones I ate as a child because my father was a Scotsman. We had a good time which went on for some of us till well after midnight. The wine and whisky flowed..................

Keep Fit
02/08/2010, Lagos

I met Bev who has been over Winter in Lagos for the last 2 years and she asked if I would like to go swimming with her and some other ladies from the marina. Lagos has a municipal pool and exercise complex with a gym, dance/exercise studio and café etc. The more you use it the cheaper it is. I am going most mornings, Bev likes to meet at 8 am on weekdays leaving most of the rest of the day free for other things. I have been going about 3 times a week and can see my swimming improving. We all have a coffee afterwards and then go shopping at the Pingo Doce on the way back to the marina - handy!

Windy weather

We have had some very windy, wet weather like we also had last year in Ayamonte. The water in the marina is really churned up and a very unhealthy looking orangey-brown and there is lots of bamboo, oranges and other debris carried down by the river. The other night it was spring tides and the pontoons got perilously close to floating off the piles - luckily they didn't!

Line dancing
01/15/2010, Lagos

I have never been attracted to Line Dancing because I am not a fan of Country music and it all looks so boring and slow. However when Sue said that was going to teach it one afternoon a week I thought - why not, I might meet some new folk and I may as well see if it is as awful as it looks! Also Sue was so enthusiastic I wanted to support her also.

Well I am surprised and exhausted. Terry persuaded the hotel to give us their aerobics studio every Tuesday afternoon and it was just the right size. Sue was a great teacher, breaking all the dances down into manageable sections with lots of repeating unlike a few teachers I have suffered with before. The music was not all country and the dances a mix of easy and more complex. And it was really a workout, legs only as few arm movements so far, I never thought I would end up bright red and sweating - I have clearly misjudged line dancing as there is more to it than I thought. Sadly we didn't get to shout "Yee Har" (don't know how to spell this). Will definitely go again as great fun and a real workout for the brain and body with good company as well.

Christmas lights in Lagos
11/18/2009, Lagos

Before we went home for Christmas we got to see the decorations around the town - very pretty.

A night at the Amuras
11/16/2009, Lagos

We are enjoying a great social life here having met lots of people and been out to a number of restaurants, some better than others! Our favourite bar is the Amuras Bar on the marina, Portuguese run with lovely comfortable seats and friendly staff. Very few other live-aboards frequent it as many have said that they think it is expensive but this is not the case actually. They play some live Rock music on Friday and Saturday nights starting around 11.30 - 12.00pm and finishing between 2 and 3am. Above is a picture of Black Puzzle, a Portuguese band, the other week we saw Ferro and foggo who packed the place out as they are more well known and kept saying they had come down from Lisbon. We were sat halfway from the stage and they were very loud so if we see them again we need to get a seat at the back!

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