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Spotty pontoons
01/20/2011, La Linea

Spotty pontoons
I snapped the pontoon to show the seagulls art work, it makes you look forward to rain. Unfortunately we won't be hosing the pontoon down as water is metered. However we will ask to be moored nearer the gate or on another pontoon when we return from Marina Bay Gib.

Seagulls galore
01/18/2011, La Linea

On our return we find the wretched seagulls are still fouling pontoon 10 big time, partly because there are few occupied boats and for some reason they have taken a liking to the place. During the day they roost on a piece of land near to where the hard-standing will be. Early morning they make a din screeching, luckily I sleep through most things.

The Rif mountains
12/11/2010, Gibraltar

Coming here has given me my first glimpse of Africa and we hope to sail over to Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco, next year so I can say I have set foot on African soil.

The Rock and its own weather system
12/05/2010, La Linea

Here in La Linea we can tune in to Gibraltar radio and the British Forces radio as well where they give the weather forecast for all the places with Forces communities. For Gib the forecast is usually lower than La Linea because it often has its own weather with cloud sitting on top of the rock - see picture. Here in La Linea the marina is often breezy but when you get into town it is sheltered and a lot hotter. There are helpful signs with the date, time and temperature on so we can be reminded how lucky we are here in the sunshine and not shivering back in the UK.

What a vista!
11/15/2010, Castellar de Front

I took many views of Gibraltar from the fortress trying to be clever, snapping it through an archway etc but none of the photos did the actual view justice. I guess I need better equipment and a clearer day. The splodge of buildings on the left is the town of Castellar de Frontera which we drove around by mistake. Nearly every building was brilliant white.

Guadarranque reservoir
11/15/2010, Castellar di Castillo

A stunning view from the fortress.

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