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What a vista!
11/15/2010, Castellar de Front

I took many views of Gibraltar from the fortress trying to be clever, snapping it through an archway etc but none of the photos did the actual view justice. I guess I need better equipment and a clearer day. The splodge of buildings on the left is the town of Castellar de Frontera which we drove around by mistake. Nearly every building was brilliant white.

Guadarranque reservoir
11/15/2010, Castellar di Castillo

A stunning view from the fortress.

Cork trees
11/15/2010, Casteller De Castillo

The main industries in the area were and largely still are agriculture and producing cork with other employment coming with the advent of the reservoir in 1960. Here is a picture of one of the cork-producing trees beside the path up to the fortress.

Casteller de Castillo
11/15/2010, La Linea Spain

We took Jack up into the hills one afternoon by car to visit the hilltop village of Castillo de Casteller. The final part of the journey was along a steep, winding single track road and luckily we only met a couple of other cars. Steve has had a lot of experience driving through mountainous regions in the Alps, Vosges and Pyrenees on holiday years ago so he was ok but glad when we arrived. Unfortunately the driver never gets to see all the spectacular scenery as they have their eyes on the road - thank goodness. However there were still beautiful views from the top, especially from inside the walls.

The site is unusual as the fortress and village were built in the 12-15th century on the walls of the original ancient Arab fortress. It appears that the castle was more administrative rather than defensive. In the latter part of the 20th century the government undertook its restoration as it had fallen into neglect.

By 1971 nearly all the original local families had moved to Nuevo Casteller with its superior modern amenities leaving a few locals, holiday home owners and, as a couple of the websites say, "ageing hippies or bohemian types"!

There is evidence of Prehistoric settlements and Bronze age settlements and there are cave drawings to be found in the area.

On top of the rock
11/12/2010, Gibraltar

Highest spot on the Rock

11/12/2010, Gibraltar

Me outside the visitors centre.

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