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Bird of Paradise flower
04/04/2011, Gibraltar

There are many bushes with these beautiful flowers all over the place.

Head for heights!
04/03/2011, La Linea

Jeff very kindly offered to go up the mast for Steve to retrieve a halyard and re-position it for him and see how he felt up there as he is not fond of heights. Steve had bought a climbing harness for the job and we also have a ladder that fits into a groove on the mast and then you hoist it up - very neat. It was quite hilarious watching Jeff getting kitted up with Steve adjusting the harness, probably just as well I hadn't thought of taking pictures at that point. Lots of the usual male banter re the comfort/fit of the harness! Steve winched him up and all went well.

Mischievous monkeys
03/04/2011, Gibraltar

Talking to people it seems that the apes are gradually being found lower down on the rock these days and several times I have seen them on Main Street climbing on scaffolding, delighting the crowds. The majority of windows have bars or shutters to keep them out. I met a lady who had lost her Sunday roast from the kitchen where the meat was resting before carving. An ape opened the unlocked window and stole it, taking to the top of a tree in the garden where it had a feast along with another furry friend! Very annoying.

Cruise ships
02/25/2011, La Linea

We can see the Cruise Terminal in Gib from the marina and in the picture you can see two liners and one of them is the new Cunard ship on its maiden voyage - I think. When the cruise ships are in Gib is heaving with people sight-seeing and shopping, it is not so bad now as the main "holiday" season is not in full swing yet.

In the foreground is Raven, the Cat belonging to Rose and Gordon who are wintering here with us before going into into the Med, they are planning to go to Malta. Their boat has quite a history as it was stolen and run aground when they were in North Wales - Portmadog by some silly youngsters. It was in the papers of course.

Landing practice
02/18/2011, Gibraltar

Yesterday this RAF transport spent most of the day taking off, flying round in circles and landing, it was very big, very noisy and I imagine the fuel costs were very big too but practice makes perfect which is certainly needed here as the airstrip is not over long!

Runway on the doorstep
02/16/2011, Gibraltar

Of course now we are even closer to the airport, about 100m away and can take better snaps of the aircraft. Here is a Monarch plane taking off.

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