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Landing practice
02/18/2011, Gibraltar

Yesterday this RAF transport spent most of the day taking off, flying round in circles and landing, it was very big, very noisy and I imagine the fuel costs were very big too but practice makes perfect which is certainly needed here as the airstrip is not over long!

Runway on the doorstep
02/16/2011, Gibraltar

Of course now we are even closer to the airport, about 100m away and can take better snaps of the aircraft. Here is a Monarch plane taking off.

The Moorish castle
02/16/2011, Gibraltar

High on the hill you can see the Moorish castle which now houses the prison!
Below is the entrance to Casements square, full of bars, shops and cafes, a real tourist trap, leading to Main Street where you can feel at home shopping in M & S, Next, Topshop, BHS etc. There are many jewellers and shops selling wines and spirits and cigarettes doing a great trade with passengers off the cruise ships.

Marina bay
02/07/2011, Gibraltar

We have motored round to spend a few weeks here so we can have some work done on the engine by Kevin, a Perkins mechanic who seems very efficient so far. Gordon came round from La Linea with us to see what it is like mooring up Med-style bows to, as he and Rose plan to sail to Malta this summer. The problem with Gib is that there is a tide drop of about a metre so you need to adjust the lines more than further in the Med, especially as you are moored to concrete quays!

Here is our view from the cockpit.

We have had the Levanter again and it has been quite rough and very wet! At midnight the other night Steve had to go onto the boat next door to help the girl with her lines as her partner was out. We also met the couple on the boat on the other side for the first time as they were up too moving fenders around!

Spotty pontoons
01/20/2011, La Linea

Spotty pontoons
I snapped the pontoon to show the seagulls art work, it makes you look forward to rain. Unfortunately we won't be hosing the pontoon down as water is metered. However we will ask to be moored nearer the gate or on another pontoon when we return from Marina Bay Gib.

Seagulls galore
01/18/2011, La Linea

On our return we find the wretched seagulls are still fouling pontoon 10 big time, partly because there are few occupied boats and for some reason they have taken a liking to the place. During the day they roost on a piece of land near to where the hard-standing will be. Early morning they make a din screeching, luckily I sleep through most things.

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