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In the Boatyard
06/25/2011, Lagos

Here is Kaivalya looking very smart after anti-fouling in Sopromar.

No more Electric banana
06/11/2011, Lagos

While we have been here we have repainted the window boards to change the colour from the dazzling yellow-duster colour (which did not live up to our expectations from the paint chart) to Biscay Grey - which is actually a pale blue. Much more reserved.

The new Bimini
06/11/2011, Lagos

Better shade in the cockpit.

Getting some shade
06/11/2011, Lagos

I have finally got round to photographing the new dinghy cover and "New, improved larger Bimini cover made by Uncle Jack on both his and my new sewing machine at home. More economical than getting it made here, as we were quoted 400e for the Bimini while wintering in Lagos in 2009. The wider Bimini keeps more sun off then the old one and doesn't affect windage when cruising.

My new Singer sewing machine is light enough to come out in hand luggage next time - it will be great not having to sew by hand! However it is robust enough to cope with heavy materials and quite a powerful motor for it's size. It will also so work off the boat 12v supply which might be handy.

I remembered to bring the needles out in our hold luggage last time!

Nice Roundabouts
05/31/2011, Lagos

When folk give directions here it often involves mention of roundabouts because most of them, certainly the large ones, have a sculpture or fountain which makes them very distinctive. My favourite is the sailing boat.

Portuguese pavement - looks good but…………………
04/25/2011, Lagos

I like Lagos and Portugal in general but I am not a fan of the pavements - (in Portuguese, Cal├žada Portuguesa). When we first came to Portugal and noticed it we thought that someone had got a job lot of the little squarish stones which are hard to walk on and can be quite slippery after rain or in early morning / late evening as they present a glassy, low grip surface leading to slips and falls. As lots of the coastal towns are hilly this makes the problem even worse! I was moaning to the girl in the office in the Ria Formosa boatyard and she said it is traditional. It is also popular in Spain. It is used on sidewalks and in plazas where there are quite ornate patterns. Here is a sample of some from one of the main squares in Lagos.

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