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Quizes and belly dancing!
07/06/2012, Povoa

If you had told me I would be Belly-dancing (well trying to!) here I would never have believed it. Jane, on our pontoon, has been doing it for about 10 years and offered to give us a taster session, though she is not a teacher herself. There were about half a dozen of us, we looked at videos on You Tube to see what we were aiming at but it obviously takes years and years. However Jane took us through some basic moves which was interesting and not very easy at all, she did a great job.

The picture, needless to say, is not of us in the shower block in Povoa!

We went to the barbecue which was the best attended ever apparently and a good time was had by all. Colin had made up a general knowledge quiz which was fun - along with some good-natured arguments about answers, thoroughly enjoyed by several of the men.

Here for a while
07/02/2012, Povoa de Varzim

We have decided to stay here in Povoa for the year as it will be a lot cheaper than Lagos and other places further south - of course the weather will be cooler but it suits our needs at present. We like the town here and spent a year here 5 years ago before I stopped work. There is quite a little community here now and the marina provide a minibus once a week to a nearby supermarket. There is also a weekly barbecue and meal out at a local Portuguese restaurant, we went last Tuesday and it was very good value.

I have taken a picture of the church that looks like a boat at long last in Vila de Conde which joins onto Povoa, part of the marina and the restaurant straddle the boundary between the two.

The party goes on and on …………
06/30/2012, Povoa de Varzim

There is a funfair behind the fish dock and music and dancing went on till 0530 on the 29th. Each night since the music and fair have continued but not till that time thankfully. There has been no procession this year or big firework display just little outbursts of isolated stuff. Perhaps it's due to the recession after all fireworks are costly and all Bank holidays have been cancelled in Portugal the next 3 years I am told to save money.

Haiken, a Swedish guy we met sailing his boat back home from Italy, left. We had many interesting chats over a few glasses of wine and a meal with him and wish him good luck finding a new crew soon. Here he is proudly posing on Milliger, a racing yacht.

Barrio Sul
06/28/2012, Povoa de Varzim

Here is the tableau for Barrio Sul near the church and stage.

Window dressing
06/28/2012, Povoa de Varzim

It is the main day of the festival so I went for a walk around the town expecting all the shops to be shut but they were all open as usual and just as well as Steve found the cream he needed for his Moussaka topping for tonight's meal with Haiken was well out of date!

Many of the shop windows and houses were decorated with the fishing theme and the stage has been put up for the "rusgas" tonight as well.

The boat
06/26/2012, Povoa de Varzim

An old traditional fishing boat, that is normally moored in the marina, has been decorated and towed out into the harbour near the fish dock for the duration of the festivities.

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