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Vessel Name: Katahdin
Vessel Make/Model: Cambria 44
Hailing Port: Cape Elizabeth, ME
About: Larry and Cathy Clough
About: We have been cruising Maine waters for 30 years on a Pearson 26, an Ericson 34, and now a Cambria 44
Extra: On our first journey south we left Maine in early September of 2011 to travel to the Caribbean and back over 9+months. Now we've begun our second trip, taking it at a bit more leisurely pace.
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21 November 2015
This is Saturday morning and we've been enjoying the quiet bays of St. John since Wednesday. It's a good time of the year to be here as it's too early for the "escape from winter" northerners to be out in great numbers on their chartered boats. There are a limited number of moorings in these 3 bays [...]
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17 November 2015
This is a beautiful marina as you can see. It's small but wonderfully situated on the northeastern shore of St. Thomas, near Red Hook where one can get a ferry to the BVI and St. John. There's even a bar/restaurant at the adjoining condo project where we were able to watch the Pats/Giants (Go Pats!) [...]
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13 November 2015
It's been slightly more than 4 years since we left Portland on our initial visit to the Caribbean. That journey lasted more than 9 months. We sailed Katahdin, our Cambria 44, all the way down to the southern tip of Martinique and then back up, through the Bahamas and along the Intercostal Waterway [...]
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19 June 2012 | Portland Harbor
Finally...we're home! Yesterday, after 285 days and nights away from her homeport of Portland, we once again tethered Katahdin to her mooring at Centerboard Yacht Club. It was fitting that we fought rolling and bucking seas on two of our last three days up from P-town, as we had experienced that - [...]
16 June 2012 | Provincetown, MA
We're almost home. Currently we are at anchor back in Gloucester, MA where we spent 2 nights waiting out some nasty weather, way back in early September. One of our more interesting observations about this sabbatical is that we can recall how we spent the in-between day here but our recollections of [...]
12 June 2012 | Great Salt Pond, Block Island, RI
We did decide to go ashore in Essex, CT., after all. In fact, we spent most of the day, between two nights at anchor, exploring this historical town on the banks of the Connecticut River, 6 miles upstream from Long Island Sound. What we found pleased us. Yes, it is generally gentrified, and yes, there [...]
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