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Vessel Name: Katahdin
Vessel Make/Model: Cambria 44
Hailing Port: Cape Elizabeth, ME
About: Larry and Cathy Clough
About: We have been cruising Maine waters for 30 years on a Pearson 26, an Ericson 34, and now a Cambria 44
Extra: On our first journey south we left Maine in early September of 2011 to travel to the Caribbean and back over 9+months. Now we've begun our second trip, taking it at a bit more leisurely pace.
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07 February 2016
We may be in St. Pierre on Martinique right now but our thoughts keep going back to Dominica. And to think that we had considered bypassing this island to get to more "civilized" places. Fools we were but are not now.
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26 January 2016
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16 January 2016
We've left Antigua after a really great and long stay, and are now starting our second week in Guadeloupe. We're in another world, with fresh croissants and baguettes just a short walk away. Currently we are in a marina in Pointe a Pitre, the main city along the mid-south coast. We didn't think twice [...]
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05 January 2016
It's now the first week of the new year and it's been 2+ weeks since the last post. Two excuses - being busy with family visiting for the holidays, and having wretched wifi service. The latter was particularly irksome as we had paid for it and could connect but couldn't get anywhere because there were [...]
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18 December 2015 | Jolly Harbor, Antigua
Anegada and the North Sound on Virgin Gorda
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06 December 2015
Greetings from the BVI. Since this is the 5th time we have visited these islands, on chartered boats as well as our own, there’s not much new except for the masses of large, white catamarans that are far more popular for chartering than the old school sloops. Just gives a different feeling to a place, [...]
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