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Loving Luperon!
Cathy/quite warm
10 March 2012 | Captain Steve's in Luperon
This is only the second time in a week that we've been connected online, and we're connected in an open air restaurant here in Luperon on the mid-north coast of the Dominican Republic. Today will be the only day since we arrived on Tuesday at 7 am that we are not leaving the town as we've been gone every day for various activities. We've watched how coffee is made here, even working a 3 foot mortar and pestle to crush the beans. We've slid down or jumped into a string of 7 waterfalls. We've had a wonderful local guide, Rosa Van Sant, the wife of an author of one of the cruisers' guidebooks, to show us the northeastern part of her country. It's been a tremendous time, and we've been sharing it with two other couples we've met here. But tomorrow we'll head on an overnight to the Bahamas. Don't know when we'll have Internet again for another post, but we will when we can.
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