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Norfolk, VA to Solomonís Island, MD

10 June 2007 | June 10th to June 14th:
Days 300 through 305:

We are in Virginia! Actually we crossed the NC/VA line some point in the Dismal Swamp. We have heard that there is some sort of gigantic festival (Tall Ships, fireworks, 500,000 people expected) going on this weekend in Norfolk and start calling around about dockage to no avail. It is a Saturday morning and as we emerge from the Swamp, we decide to stop at Chesapeake Yachts just off the main ICW channel. Not much there but a face dock and a launching ramp, but a very friendly owner who takes pity on us and drives a bag of ice over to us from some convenience store (no amenities here) this afternoon . We spend the night (exhausted from no sleep last night) and watch as the pleasure boat zoo starts up. Jet skis, tons of power boats zooming around creating wakes, police boats ticketing people right and left, administering sobriety tests on the dock. We are glad that we are not trying to negotiate Norfolk Harbor with all these partying boats. And we are worrying about them hanging in Norfolk for the fireworks and then coming back to this launching ramp area to pull their boats at all hours in the dark. Normally VERY conservative re: light usage, we have every light imaginable lighting up Katannah so that these yahoos don't clock us on their way home tonight.

Virginia's Intracoastal Waterway is actually a history tour spanning two hundred years. No other 34-mile section intersects so many important events in the emergence of our nation. The rivers and canals are all central to America's early conflicts. The Revolutionary War was fought along the banks of the Waterway, as Loyalists and Patriost battled for control of stratgic routes. Pretty cool to observe from the water.

Off across Norfolk early the next AM while things are still quiet and on into a spot at the friendly Hampton Yacht Club in Hampton Roads. We are looking and feeling REALLY dirty from the leaves, silt, yuck of the Swamp so we spend a couple of hours scrubbing the daylights out of the boat, bleaching our cockpit cushions, hosing down the screens, just major cleaning. It feels really good to be clean. A walk about town finishes the day.

We are pulling out of Hampton Roads at 6 the next morning and S remarks "There's your Bermuda 40." He recognizes "Glide" from Marblehead who I have been looking for since I met its owners Sara and Stewart Tubbs both in Beaufort, NC and out of the blue on a ferry dock in Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas. They recognize Katannah and arms are wildly waving. We chat on the radio and exchange destinations. We are off to Deltaville (Piankatank River on one side of town and the Rappahannock on the other) and into the Deltaville Marina and they are pushing to get a bit further North.

We pull into our favorite Deltaville Marina after an easy motorsail and set out to do our boat chores--refueling with our jugs, refilling the jugs, shooting into town in the loaner car to West Marine, filling our propane tank outside of town, etc. Deltaville is a very boat-oriented place and almost anything that you should need for the boat and could find in Annapolis or Solomons you can find here. There is a Corinthian Yacht Club cruise in here at anchor who party it up till sunset. Steve blows his conch shell at sunset, as is now our custom. A nice dinner, movie, and turn in early for the push to Solomon's Island tomorrow.

The next day we see "Glide" again ahead of us on the horizon. We communicate when we get closer, and it turns out that they had turned into Deltaville as well into a marina on the Rappahannock River side of town. They are heading for Solomon's as well. About half way through the day the skies start to look weird, S checks the weather, and they are predicting violent thunderstorms in the afternoon. We switch gears and alter our course so as to go up the Potomac River not as far up as St. Mary's City but into Smith Creek which is a protected, attractive backwater. We tie up at a marina face dock, and sure enough in comes "Glide" behind us. Sara and Stewart walk over later in the afternoon in an attempt to check out the now-closed restaurant at our marina and we have a fun time chatting until the sky eventually starts to turn dark purple and we both retire to our respective boats. The storm comes through and cools things off a bit--not as violent for us here as in other parts of the state.

Off to Solomon's the next AM bright and early. In the early morning mist we pass a square rigger anchored in the Potomac, probably on her way back from the Tall Ships show in Norfolk. What a beautiful sight. You can just picture a ship like that sitting here full of English men and women heading for what they would settle as Jamestown centuries ago. This area of the country is so chock-a-block full of history, and we love it.

After yet another motorsail, we pull into Solomon's in the early afternoon, and "Glide" pulls in an hour or two behind us. Both at moorings (a relief for us), we spend a pleasant afternoon and then head into a waterside restaurant for a fun dinner together. We feel like we have many "new" Marblehead friends from this trip alone!

The next AM dawns REALLY cold and grey. We haven't been this cold since November and it feels awful. "Glide" has taken off early to head for Annapolis where Sara will jump on the train to go home and Stewart will do the delivery from there with a crew. We are up and ready to go and S switches gear and decides to wait it out for the day as it is so cold. It would have been freezing out in the Bay and we are trying to cross over to Cambridge. We do the requisite dinghy to a dinghy dock, hit the post office and the grocery store, get a ride back to the dinghy from the friendly grocery store and dinghy our goods back to the boat. By the time we stow everything, it's dinner time, and another day has gone by. And we are in Maryland!

See corresponding album for pix.

Vessel Name: Katannah
Vessel Make/Model: Allied XL-42
Hailing Port: Marblehead, MA
Crew: Captain, Steve Haesche; Crew, Linda Haesche (aka The First And ONLY Mate)
Extra: Okay, folks, this is our latest blog of our adventures. Lots of great pix...We're working our way North. Will be caught up on this Blog eventually! The Gypsies aboard Katannah
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The Beantown Skyline And Graves Light
Beautiful Catboat:We
Tug And Barge In Cape Cod Canal
The Capt. Snoozing On Our Way Up Mass Bay
With The Birchbys In Sag Harbor
 In The Cunningham
Multiple Layers And GLOVES in JUNE On Long Island Sound BRRR!! Haven
Dismal Swamp Heron
Cool Osprey Nest In The Dismal Swamp
Very Cool Pelican
Gorgeous Sunset Over Marion Harbor During Dinner With The Cunninghams
Sunset From Sakonnet
Rigger In Branford Marina Checking To Make Sure The Main Halyard Had Not Jumped The Sheave
Interior Like A Ship
Lovely Larchmont Yacht Club
Execution Rocks Lighthouse Lower Long Island Sound
Pretty Sands Point Lighthouse Lower Long Island Sound
Through Hell Gate Here Come La Guardia-Bound Planes
 This Is One UGLY Cruise Ship Docked In Brooklyn
South Street Seaport
Lovely Lady Liberty In The Haze
Out Comes The NYC Skyline From The Heat Haze
Coming And Going Under The Verrazano Narrows Bridge
Goodbye To Coney Island!  Phew
Feral Cat In The Lovely Coney Island Marina:This Guy
The Capt
Major Fire:Explosion In Atlantic City
Barnegat Bay Light
Changing Engine And Transmission Oil In Cape May/What A Drill
Beautiful Farmland Country/Katannah
Switchback Up Winding Cohansey Creek/This Is Like GA All Over Again
Borrowing Marina
Huge Car Carrier In The C & D Canal
Way Better?
This Is Getting Better?
The Happy Couple Getting Wedding Photograph Done With Katannah As Backdrop
Traffic In The C & D Canal
Beautifu Jarvis Newman Trawler Coming Up The Bay:We Had Met These Folks In West End!
Only Way To Stay Cool In Worton Creek, MD 100 Degree Heat
Neat Bay Reflection Shot
Katannah In Flat Calm Long Haul Creek:Down Came The Globalstar Non-Functioning Satellite Dome--Up Went Our Plant!
Beautiful Chesapeake Crab Boat In Early AM Light
Beautiful Canadian Schooner "Bluenose" Returning From Norfolk Tall Ships Festival
Lots Of Commercial Traffic In The Bay
Chris, Willie And Christopher At Long Haul Creek
Katannah In Flat Calm Long Haul Creek:Down Came The Globalstar Non-Functioning Satellite Dome--Up Went Our Plant!
Contented Captain Out For A Cocktail Cruise
This Sun Awning Is Truly Saving Us From The Sweltering Sun
Heading Back To Cambridge
Haesche-Cunningham Raft In Trappe Anchorage
The Cunningham Arrival
The Cunningham Crew (Minus One)
"Safari", The Cunninghams
Do You Think There Are Some Fish Here?
COLD Coming Across The Bay
Lots Of Commercial Traffic In The Bay
Recreation Of First Jamestown Settlers
"Glide" Sighting Off Hampton Roads!
Cool Aircraft Carriers In Norfolk Harbor
Battleship Wisconsin
Tugs Doing Their Thing In Norfolk Harbor
This Is Tight
Sunset Over The Alligator River
B & B Seafood, Mosquito Creek, Off The Ashepoo River
Being Stalked At N. Mrytle Beach
Hilton Head Harbor Marina
Is The Civil War OVER???   Some Stubborn, Aggressive Southerners Around Here
We Still Have A Ways To Go!
The Waccamaw River:A Cypress Swamp
Love The SC Flag
Beautiful Georgetown, SC Real Estate
Acrobat Bird
Getting Our Bottom Cleaned, Georgetown, SC
Our First Deer Sighting
Brown Ditch Water Color
The Ditch:McClellanville, SC
Peeking Into A Charleston Courtyard
Magnolias In Bloom Everywhere!
Gracious Charlestonian Giving Directions
Charleston Window Box
Beautiful Charleston
Plenty Of Oysters On Hilton Head Shoreline
Marshes And Shrimpers
Marsh Tackies
Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah
Dragging The Laundry Isle Of Hope
Off To The Showers Isle Of Hope
The Princess Palace (We Think)
Two Way Fish Camp, Darien, GA
Wildfire Smoke Over A Jekyll Island Club Ferry
Canoeing Fisherman (?) Up In The Marsh:This Guy Looks Like He Could Be Up To Something Very Weird
These People Like Their Fishing
Kilkenny Creek Marina Trying To Get A Signal
Concentrating Or Dozing?
Nice Intracoastal Real Estate:Now THIS I Might Do
Messy Marina Neighbor:Glad We Look Semi-Squared Away
Rockefellers "The Casements" We Think
Our First Gator Merritt Island Wildlife Sacntuary
Vehicle Assembly Building Stripes Are 7 Feet Wide It
This Crawler Moves SLOWLY
Our Really Informative Tour Guide And TS Andrea Houling Outside
 The Crawler: This Thing Is Huge
Some Of The Sea Horse Contingent Happy To Have Arrived In Hope Town
Launch Pad #39A
Quintessential Tourist
Cindy And Wink Merrill Leaving Daytona
The Merrill
Move Over..Now There Are Four!
Now There Are Two (Notice Scars)
After Dinner It
Sharing Pudding Pie
Pretty Hope Town Harbour Lodge Wedding
Looking Happy But I Hate Goodbyes
Steve With The Kids On Katannah Sailing On The Sea Of Abaco
Motley But Happy Crew
Oscar Camouflaged In Steve
Pamela And Oscar
Sannah Meets Oscar
Oscar Waving
Lucy And Peter Piloting Sea Horse
Still Newlyweds
 Sannah Finds Her Sand Dollar
Guido Relaxed On Man O
To Sea Horse For Dinner
Beautiful Guana Sunset
Ponies Horsing Around
Guana Settlement
Susannah Sailing To Great Guana With Sea Horse In Tow
On Da Beach/Our Kind Of Place
Katannah From Top Of The Lighthouse
Katannah On Hope Town Mooring Flying Her Battleflag
Great Horsies:Ponies Shot
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Who: Captain, Steve Haesche; Crew, Linda Haesche (aka The First And ONLY Mate)
Port: Marblehead, MA