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Eastern Shore

Someone had told us that there was nothing to stop for along the south side of Nova Scotia (which oddly enough they call the Eastern Shore) between Canso and Halifax and that it might be best to just drive straight through 36 hours and get to Halifax as soon as possible, well...after being at dockage every night so far we were looking forward to anchoring for a while and decided to stop into a few of the many coves along the way. Are we ever glad we did. There so many quiet anchorages along this stretch of the trip that you could literally spend a whole summer here and not visit the same one twice.

Some of the anchorages we've been in literally do not have any signs of civilization whatsoever. You can imagine it being exactly like this 500 years ago.

We stopped in Canso for just enough time to put on fresh water and test out our charger/inverter which has been tripping regular 15amp outlets. It turns out it only likes 30amp services...I'm OK with that since it saves us $1,400 for a new one.

The day we got into Halifax was a windy, rainy day so we left very early and arrived at the Armdale Yacht Club at about 15:30. More on this to come but...what a nice area.

Ballantyne's Cove

August 8, 2012

There is a hissing sound made as the salt water passes by the boat as it's moving through the water. It's a very pleasant sound and we can, and do, listen to it for hours. It doesn't matter if we are sailing or even when the motor is running it's a very peaceful sound. Throw in a complete fog, as we had this morning, and adds even more to the serenity.

Ballantyne Cove is a beautiful little harbour just around the tip of Cape George which was covered in fog and rain as we came in yesterday about 14:30. There are lots of fishing boats in the cove as the business is all about fish here. We saw a number of pilot whales on the way from Pictou. We met up with a family that was coming the other way, from Port Hawksbury that reported they saw more whales than they could count and quite close to the boat so we're hoping they'll still be around as we leave toward that way today.

We've been docking almost every night so far and are looking forward to doing some anchoring along this stretch of the trip. We'll try a small cove tonight called Inhabitance Bay which was recommended by the couple from Halifax.

Huge bluefin tuna are caught in Cape George Bay, some as big as 1400lbs! There's an information centre that explained the history and significance of the tuna in area. A large board with a number of questions on flip up panels was set up for a display. The picture on todays blog is the answer found under question #10 "Why do giant Bluefins come to the Cape George area"...we thought it was hilarious.

Pictou, NS

We left Charlottetown on Thursday August 2nd heading to Pictou, Nova Scotia near where Jack's daughter Kathryn and his son-in-law Faber live.  We arrived at 4:30 in the afternoon in the pouring rain, Kathryn and Faber were at the dock just as we were tying up the boat to the cleats, so that was good timing, our welcoming committee.  They came on the boat and we had a few drinks (not Kathryn, she's due September 3rd) then went to a Thai place for dinner.

SpendIng a few nights at their place, I brought laundry (might as well take advantage of free plumbing) I usually pay a $1.50 - $2.00 per machine at marinas.  Jack brought his tool box, to hang a light fixture on the ceiling, install floating shelves, a curtain rod and a shade in the baby's room.  Kathryn took us to the grocery store to pick up large shopping items, like a few cases of water, beer and wine. When we shop now we are carrying everything back to the boat so weighty items and distance are issues.  We also bought new nap sacs, we didn't want to spend a lot on them but needed something strong, so after looking at $40 - $70 ones we bought two for $10.00 on sale, they are ugly but at least they don't have a picture of Justin Beiber on them.

It was terribly hot in New Glascow so we went swimming at Faber's parents pool and to the beach during the days, most nights were late dinners good conversations.

Frankie their dog is there so I am getting my Golden Retriever fix.

We have met a couple in a Tartan 37 that are bringing their boat back to Halifax. They're originally from Ottawa. We're going over to their boat shortly to go over charts of the south side of NS and they will show us some of their favorite anchorage spots. Hopefully we'll be doing more anchoring than docking along there.

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