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Itchy Feet

Australia • 


Got it !
03/23/2007, Gold Coast Australia

Well its taken a long time but I/we have finaly mannaged to save enough and purchace a Yacht
We are now proud owners of 'Itchy Feet' a Carter 33

Getting Satred
07/28/2005, Gold Coast Australia

The end of the saving is nearing and the adventure of purchasing a small coastal cruiser begins. After 2 years of hard work in the Pacific and Asia we (my wife Michele and I) will be returning to Australia although we are not too sure where we will end up as there are a few offers of employment in various locations both on the east and west coast of Australia But hey who cares as long as its on the coast !!

I am not new to sailing as I sailed when I was a teenager in New Zealand, But Michele being of British extraction is a little....... how shall I say "shy" of the water and then to make things worse when I did have a 17 foot Trailer Sailor(a Clipper 17) I took her out in not so ideal conditions and frightened the life out her. So It will be a challenge to get Michele's trust back in my sailing ability lucky she is willing to give it another try and is giving all her support too