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NOT better than being "on call"

23 September 2017
Well, that was not fun! And John is a superhero.
Here is a short synopsis of the longest night....
Raised our sails in Boothbay Harbor at 11:30 am - 18 miles out we were in 8-10 for seas and 27 kts behind us headed for Cape Cod. "It's a straight shot- 130 miles".
Okay, we're doing this- all in.
15 minutes later, my head is over the side in bouncing waves and I continued to dry heave for the next 20 hours.
We were really scared twice, aside from my worrying about my electrolytes, losing my husband overboard, and if that loud banging noise was our extra anchor about to break through the hull.
As far as the "scared" times...John had to go forward ( outside of our cockpit enclosure) on deck to put a second reef in the mainsail ( 25 kt winds & BIG seas 12-15 ft). This means I was taking the helm, keeping the bow into the wind. I was able to summon that energy you get when a patient is not doing well, and the adrenaline kicks in.
The second "scary" time was once again going forward to take down the staysail- big waves, clipped in at all times, but a very challenging and scary successful task.
Meanwhile, I wretched.
Take away notes:
John Crispin is a superhero.
The spare anchor was fine, it was my pressure cooker banging in the locker below.
When the weather buoy says 11 foot seas, add 4-5 ft to that and listen up, it's an "average".
Our boat is amazingly seaworthy, more so than its occupants.

We are tucked in on a mooring in Provincetown- slept all day and will go through the Cape Cod canal tomorrow around noon (16 miles away and 11 miles long). No overnight tomorrow.
Happy that's over! Thanks Jose- now all eyes on Maria.......
Vessel Name: Perspective
Vessel Make/Model: Cabo Rico 38
Hailing Port: Westport Island, Maine
Crew: Ann and John
About: We have had Perspective for the past twenty years and have cruised the coast of Maine to the Bay of Fundy. Now for a little more...
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