16 October 2017 | Cedar Creek, NC (Near Oriental, NC)
14 October 2017 | Styron Creek (Near Bell Haven, NC)
13 October 2017 | Buck Island, NC
12 October 2017 | Top Rack Marina, Chesapeake, VA
22 June 2017 | Reedville, VA
09 May 2017 | Waterside Marina, Norfolk, VA
04 May 2017 | Top Rack Marina, Chesapeake, VA
03 May 2017 | Midway Marina, Coinjock, NC
28 April 2017 | Mile Hammock Bay, Camp LeJune, NC
26 April 2017 | Barefoot Landing Marina
25 April 2017 | Myrtle Beach, SC (Osprey Maring)
23 April 2017 | Dwees Creek, SC
21 April 2017 | Aspepoo River, SC
17 April 2017 | Hawkins Creek, St. Simons Island, GA
16 April 2017 | St. Marys Boat Services
13 April 2017 | St. Marys Boat Services
01 April 2017 | ST. Marys Boat Services
29 March 2017 | St. Marys Boat Services
13 March 2017 | St. Mary's Boat Services
12 March 2017 | St. Marys Boat Services


16 October 2017 | Cedar Creek, NC (Near Oriental, NC)
Windy Windy Windy and Rain
We had a beautiful travel day on Sunday (finally). The Neuse River was calm and probably one of the best crossings we every had.

The weather for the next couple of days is pretty windy so we decided to lay over here in Cedar Creek.

I have determined what the term "alternator" means on an engine. The one on the Starboard engine worked "alternately" so we ordered a new one and picked it up at the Alligator River Marina. This morning I had the opportunity to install it and everything now appears normal (it is a boat though).

Tomorrow is another lay day then off to Camp Jejune on Wednesday.

Bad Weather to Good

14 October 2017 | Styron Creek (Near Bell Haven, NC)
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This morning the weather went from YUCK to ABSOLUTE YUCK. The forecast for the Abermarle Sound was wind 5 to 10, seas 1 foot. Reality was wind 20-25, seas 3 feet +. And it was raining.

As the day progressed it improved. Basically 25 miles of Crappy weather; 25 miles of Okay weather and 25 miles of nice weather. We won’t even comment on tomorrows weather because it will probably be wrong.

Tomorrow we hope to do the Neuse River and then hold up in Cedar Creek with some wind coming up on Monday.

Everything else is going well…………….


13 October 2017 | Buck Island, NC
The weather of late is just plain lousy. Today was cool, windy, humid, raining and heavily overcast. YUK!

Last night we had a great dinner the the Marina Restaurant. Shrimp and Lobster over Linguine, Blue Mussels and Calamari. GOOD!

We moved south today about 55 miles. We are anchored at the north end of the Albemarle Sound and will leave in the morning to cross the Sound and move down the Alligator River.


12 October 2017 | Top Rack Marina, Chesapeake, VA
Raining, 86F and cloudy. Winds 15-20
Needless to say it has been a long time between posts. The facts known, there was not a lot to post.

We spent most of the summer working on boats. We spent the first 6 weeks working on Mike's new boat. Just a lot of updating and running new cables, etc.

We then moved north to Pasadena Maryland. Allen spent a few days with us and then we went into Fairview Marina where we spent several weeks replacing our Starboard Engine. The engine did not fail but had a lot of hours and was past it's useful life. We thought it best to replace the engine on our own terms rather than have it fail is some remote location.

We left the Reedville, VA area on Tuesday morning and moved south to Norfolk, VA. Yesterday we moved just 8 miles south to Chesapeake, VA where we are now. The weather has put a hold on until tomorrow but we don't mind. This Marina has a blow out restaurant which makes for a great dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we will move further south to an anchorage and wait out the weather.

YES, we are still kicking!

22 June 2017 | Reedville, VA
Really Warm
It has been several weeks since we posted and we are receiving inquiries as to our well being. No problems here just been busy and lazy at posting.

We had a quiet trip up the Chesapeake after leaving Norfolk on May 10th. We arrived at the Romey's as scheduled and spent the next 27 days in a combination effort to update the Romey's new (used) boat OTTER and also slipping in a weeks trip north (by car) to Canton NY to attend Grand-daughter Bridget's graduation from St. Lawrence University.

We have also doing some repairs and upgrades to SPIRIT during this time. One of the upgrades was replacing our Electric Range top with a new Induction Range top. WOW. What a difference in cooking. Rapid heating times, no residual heat, lowered energy consumption and excellent temperature control. Only drawback was having to replace some cookware suitable to induction cooking (needs ferrite material).

On June 7th we moved up river to spend some time with the Hind's. We were only there for 10 days and Ed departed for a Bird Carving school in Vermont. After that they have grand chillern visiting and then off to another carving school in Michigan. They have a busy summer so we don't think we will see them again until September, just before we depart for Georgia.

We are now back at the Romey's and finishing up some changes to OTTER. We will be leaving here in a week or two and head north in the Chesapeake Bay and do some cruising on the Eastern Shore and stop in Pasadena, MD and visit with Tom and family for a while. Brit and Allen are pretty busy now so we don's know if and when we will see them on the boat.

Will try to post a bit more often, but no promises.

Ready for the Chesapeake Bay Tomorrow

09 May 2017 | Waterside Marina, Norfolk, VA
68F wind 5-10 and Sunny
We survived the big storm (not). Turned out to be a dud with some rain and wind gusts. We spent four days at Top Rack Marina. Nice place with a great resteraunt and deli. We did eat good.

We are in Norfolk now at the Waterside Marina. We arrived yesterday. Had lunch in Norfolk yesterday at Uncle Al's Famous Hot Dogs. It was inexpensive, a bit of a dive inside but the food and service were excellant.

Today we went over to Portsmouth on the water taxi and went back to our old favorite german place, The Bier Garden. We had Curry Wurst and Knockwurst for lunch. Again a great meal.

Tomorrow morning at O dark thirty (for those not familiar with the military, that is about 0500) we will depart on the final leg of the trip up the Chesapeake Bay to our friends in Reedville (The Romeys). The weather looks pretty good now so lets hope the forecast holds up.

The picture is the First Order Fresnel Lens from the Hog Island Light house, designed in the 1820's and built in the 1850's. It has been displayed and is on display at the harbor in Portsmouth near Coast Guard Region 5 Headquarters.

A bit of nostalgia. Diana and I were married here, a few miles away, 55 years ago.
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