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Keris - Trip North to Darwin
05/05/2012, Shaw Island - Whitsundays

Arrived MacKay Marina Thursday Afternoon. As is usual when we arrive at a Marina, Snoopy is always the first off. Will be here for 2 nights. Requirements are washing, resupply and a quick clean of the boat. Mel and Kevin who have Scorpio and who we met at Curlew Island are due in Friday afternoon. I did manage to catch up with them. Friends we met on our first trip to the Whitsundays were here at the Marina, so we managed to catch up on the Friday night. Deb and Clayton brought dinner over to our boat, prawns and they were delicious. Snoopy did not mind them either.
We left approx 0915 hours on the Saturday, with no particular destination in mind. Finally settled on Shaw Island where we dropped the pick just on dark.

08/05/2012 | stuart & Nanette
Hi Guys greatto see you making good progress.
Position plot looks OK now.
We don't see your name on the Sail Indonesia list of participants? Last CT scan very good.
Keri's - Trip north to Darwin
29/04/2012, Great Keppel Island

We left Mooloolaba on Thursday 26th April with very little winds and made very little progress. We overnighted at Double Island Point, making an early start on the Friday morning. First Mate/Chef had lost her sea legs after months on land. Must say there was a big swell. The winds were in our favour and we sailed through the night and dropped anchor mid Saturday afternoon at the northern end of the Narrows where we managed to stay relevantly free from Midgees. Nice leisurely cruise to Great Keppel Island on the Sunday. Captain listening to Tigers game and First Mate trying to set up this blog.

01/05/2012 | stuart & Nanette
Glad you got away before the strong winds came in. Better check your GPS position - its miles inland. Good sailing
25/04/2012, MOOLOOLABA


09/05/2012 | Adam,Margaret,Lara
The boat looks great.
Happy Sailing.
Komodo Dragons
09/01/2012, Labuhan Bajo

This was a designated rally stop, the main attraction in the region is the Komodo Dragons, with the majority of them on two islands, Rinca and Komodo. Tourism is fast being a major source of revenue for this area, with many great diving sites. Many European backpackers come here.
We arranged a day trip to go and see the Komodo Dragons, there were 10 of us. It was about a 2 hour boat ride, which took us to the island of Rinca. There we walked through the National Park, saw 8 or so dragons (much smaller than I had imagined). There were looked quite docile just laying around in the shade, though I would not want one of them coming at me. Apparently they are extremely vicious and have been know to attack humans. We did see one small dragon wresting with a live snake. I guess the snake would have lost....
Had a great lunch on the boat while cursing along to a beautiful snorkelling beach. Great day had by all and we arrived back at about 4.30pm. Komodo Island has also been recently recognised as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Komodo Dragon population is estimated to be around 5000 in total.
Labuhan Bajo has a western influence to it, with several western style restaurants, beauty salons and hotels etc. Plus there was a bakery, which as you can imagine was extremely popular with us, freshly baked bread and rolls, muffins etc as well as cappuccinos and the like.
There were no festivities here, somehow Sail Malaysia has fallen down on the job. There were approx 40 boats here, all expecting some sort of festivities.
Lombok is our next Rally stop.

Kuah Town
31/12/1969, Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is a Duty Free Island, so consequently we all took advantage of it, especially with stocking up on alcohol. Also Kuah Town was where we had to check out of Malaysia.
While we were at Rebak, we did a couple of tours of Langkawi. One we did with Ruth and Kelvin, we hired a car for the day and drove around the island. We went to the top of Mt Raya which offered stunning views from a circular outdoor platform. Sail Malaysia organised the other tour for the Rally Participants, we went on the Langkawi Cable Car360 degree views of the whole island group in the Datai Peninsula. On the other tour we went on the Langkawi Cable

Port Dickson to Palau Pangkor
31/12/1969, Malaysia

We left Port Dickson on the 18th Nov, we were into week 3 of the Malaysian Rally. It was going all to fast. We were a group of about 70 boats and it was like having an extended family, we all seemed to enjoy each others company, perhaps omitting the FRENCH. The french connection had been the cause of many small disagreements and upsets and many of us wanted nothing to do with them. The first night out from Port Dickson was spent in the channel leading up to Port Dickson. We had had reports that Port Klang was flithy, rubbish piled on top of rubbish floating in the water at the marina (Royal Selangor Yacht Club), rats were in abundance. Not a place I would want to go.

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