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Trip North to Darwin
19/05/2012, Cairns

We had decided on having a few leisurely days, so we stayed at Dunk Island for 3 nights. On the afternoon of our 2nd day at Dunk, 2 yachts came in. We met Gordon and Sherry who are on Serenity and are doing the Rally. Gordon and Sherry knew the couple on the other yacht and they are also doing the Rally. Both couples are from the USA, returning home. On the morning of the 17th, we were in two minds, whether to stay or head for Mourilyan Harbour. The yachts left, so we then decided to follow suit. Had rain much of the way. In fact it continued to rain for the rest of the day and night. Fitzroy Island was our next anchorage (night of the 18th). Persistent showers. On into Cairns the next morning. Very good friends, Cheryl and Geoff are anchored in Trinity Inlet, so that is where we anchored. Spent a wonderful afternoon on Tookawhile catching up over a few glasses of wine. Then it was back to Keris for us to have dinner.

24/05/2012 | Liz & Bruce
Finally found you good to see everything going well. Off on holiday soon, 1 week to go. talk soon
Keris - Trip North to Darwin
15/05/2012, Dunk Island

Arrived at Dunk Island approx 7.30pm last night. After a day of stopping here, stopping there (Lucinda and then Cardwell - Mike needed a Post Office) and some fun with the main sail, it was a long day. Of a night you would think Dunk Island was still in operation, lights ablaze. In the morning you can tell that there is very little happening here and when we went ashore, the Resort is closed. The destruction that Yasi did (Feb 2011) was beyond belief. We have called in here every time we have passed, it was certainly sad to see. We came across one of 7 workmen on the island and he informed us it has just been sold and the new owners intend to re-open in the future. Believe me there is a massive amount of rebuilding to be done. Will post some photos when I retake them. I managed to delete all the ones I took today. Not registered yet Nanette, will be doing it in Cairns, waiting to see if others want to do Indonesia leg.

15/05/2012 | Marie
sounds as though you are enjoying smooth sailing. Freezing cold in sydney. Stay safe
15/05/2012 | stuart & Nanette
Don't leave it too long as it takes weeks to get CAITs in particular.
20/05/2012 | Adam,Margaret,Lara
Good that Mike is Mr Fix It. Love the blog. Adam had his big birthday last week 40.omg sad.
Lara now has a 8 week old kitten to go with her two dogs, fish and bird. Sad about Dunk island. Winter is on it way here. Have fun.
14/06/2012 | lucy
Hi guys checking out the blog good to see what you are up to. Having lots of fun I see. Have a safe trip and I will be checking you out all the time. xxxxx
Trip North to Darwin
09/05/2012, Townsville

From Shaw Island we sailed up Gloucester Passage and anchored just off Monty's. Winds have been very favourable, very little use of the iron sails.
As we leaving our overnight anchorage, we had a very near collision with a Fishing Trawler. Whoever was at the helm was just an A...hole, we were under sail, we had right off way. Trawlers are a law unto themselves.
It was to be one of those days...
Just after lunch, The Auto Pilot sounded an alarm indicating that the steering arm had jammed. We quickly secured the boat, Mike made temporary repairs (using a couple of pieces of 2 x 1) and we were quickly under way again.
Cape Bowling Green was our overnight stop, which lived up to its nickname, Cape Rolling Green.
On into Townsville next morning (09/05/12).
HELLO, is there anyone out there, we would very much appreciate some comments/feedback, just so we know that we are not just writing this for ourselves, (does that sound familiar Nanette).

12/05/2012 | Mike webster
Hi from Jen and Mike at Monterey Heights.Good to see that you are having an eventful trip...otherwise just dull and boring. Isnt it fortunate that the skipper is such a handy man. The blog looks good.
Cheers/ enjoy
14/05/2012 | stuart & Nanette
Yep most trawlers trawl on autopilot with all the crew on deck - skippers are often out of it anyway - we always steer well clear as they are quite unpredictable and never take notice of yachts in the vicinity. Are you registered with Sail Indonesia - we don't see you on the list?
Keris - Trip North to Darwin
05/05/2012, Shaw Island - Whitsundays

Arrived MacKay Marina Thursday Afternoon. As is usual when we arrive at a Marina, Snoopy is always the first off. Will be here for 2 nights. Requirements are washing, resupply and a quick clean of the boat. Mel and Kevin who have Scorpio and who we met at Curlew Island are due in Friday afternoon. I did manage to catch up with them. Friends we met on our first trip to the Whitsundays were here at the Marina, so we managed to catch up on the Friday night. Deb and Clayton brought dinner over to our boat, prawns and they were delicious. Snoopy did not mind them either.
We left approx 0915 hours on the Saturday, with no particular destination in mind. Finally settled on Shaw Island where we dropped the pick just on dark.

08/05/2012 | stuart & Nanette
Hi Guys greatto see you making good progress.
Position plot looks OK now.
We don't see your name on the Sail Indonesia list of participants? Last CT scan very good.
Keri's - Trip north to Darwin
29/04/2012, Great Keppel Island

We left Mooloolaba on Thursday 26th April with very little winds and made very little progress. We overnighted at Double Island Point, making an early start on the Friday morning. First Mate/Chef had lost her sea legs after months on land. Must say there was a big swell. The winds were in our favour and we sailed through the night and dropped anchor mid Saturday afternoon at the northern end of the Narrows where we managed to stay relevantly free from Midgees. Nice leisurely cruise to Great Keppel Island on the Sunday. Captain listening to Tigers game and First Mate trying to set up this blog.

01/05/2012 | stuart & Nanette
Glad you got away before the strong winds came in. Better check your GPS position - its miles inland. Good sailing
25/04/2012, MOOLOOLABA


09/05/2012 | Adam,Margaret,Lara
The boat looks great.
Happy Sailing.

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