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Filling in Time
03/02/2013, Ao Labu South and Koh Rang Yai

We have at least a week to fill in before we check out of Thailand and then another 3 or 4 days before we rendezous with Ruth and Kelvin, hopefully at Phi Phi Don. So off we go again for a few days.
Ao Labu is about 18NM from Ao Chalong. It is a very shallow bay, going ashore, we had to walk about 300 metres. We decided to take Snoopy with us....There is a Muslim village a little way up the river, though we did venture there. Really not a worthwhile anchorage.
The next day saw us heading Koh Rang Yai (28th January). Quite a lovely beach with white sands. On shore there are full recreation facilities, i.e. bike riding, mini golf, walking trails etc. We picked up a brochure, it advertises weddings, corporate days etc. The bungalow style accommodation looks a little run down, but the restaurant on the beach serves excellent food. We stayed 2 nights. When we came to leave, we could not get the anchor up, looked like we might be here for another night. The wind had come up overnight, we watched a boat drag and another also having troubles getting their anchor up. Mike said he would try again on high tide, a wait of about 4 hours. BINGO we were free. And it was back to Phuket, AGAIN!!!!!!!!

02/04/2013 | Rod & Betty
Thinking of you, we will be back in Langkawi end of May 2013
Australia Day
03/02/2013, Panwa Bay

We were sitting on Keris on the morning of Australia wondering what we were going to do. The movies were out as there was not anything on that either of us wanted to see. Maybe a BBQ for 2.... We were about to go ashore when Brian and Gail off Dol Selene pulled up in their dinghy. They were anchored across the bay in Panwa Bay. We decided it was a great idea to have a BBQ together. We were to move across to Panwa Bay, (which is a more protected anchorage) after having been shopping. We each supplied the makings of a wonderful Australia Day BBQ and had a wonderful evening. May I just add, Brian and Gail are Kiwis, lots of friendly banter goes on between Mike and Brian.
We have been waiting in limbo to hear from Ruth and Kelvin who returned from Australia on the 17th January. Island Sonata was to come out of the water on the 19th for approx 1week. We eventually got an email letting us know where they were at and when they may get away from Rebak. We still have about 10 days to fill in. I just want to get out of Phuket, feels like we have been here for ever.

Racha Yai Bay
03/02/2013, Koh Mai Thon

Racha Bay is one of the jewels on the West Coast of Phuket. A white sandy beach is framed by coral. I even got into the water, it was just wonderful. There is a first class resort here, developed after the Tsunami of 2005 as well as lower budgeted bungalows. Once again many day trippers come here, beach umbrellas bound the beach awaiting them to arrive.
I celebrated my 54 birthday here (really 56, but have decided I'm going backwards from here on in, looking down at 60 is rather frightening...) We had a lovely dinner at the Resort Restaurant and a bottle of champagne when we returned to Keris.
There were quite a few yachts etc anchored but none were any we knew, though there were a few Aussie boats.
We returned to Ao Chalong on the 24th January.

27/01/2013, Ao Chalong

At approx. 5.30am we heard someone calling out, sounded like they may have been drunk and they were trying to return to their boat. On getting out of bed and going outside we heard a woman calling out and then a dinghy pulled up and asked for assistance in looking for someone who had fallen overboard. Mike quickly dropped the dinghy in the water, grabbed a torch and off he went searching. There were another 3 or 4 dinghies searching as well. I grabbed a torch and walked up to the bow searching the nearby waters. Then I spotted something in the water.
I looked again and then I started yelling out, what I had seen was a body floating towards Keris. Two dinghies arrived, pulled the body (male) out of the water and speed off to the jetty, giving CPR on the way. Emergency services had already been called. Unfortunately it was too late, he had been in the water for too long. We were told later, this yachtie (a Kiwi) had attempted to push another larger boat away from his, slipped and fall, hitting his head on the way.
A small reminder to us all, we just never know when our time is up, here one minute, gone the next........

21/01/2013, Phuket Island

Fred was with us until the 4th January when we delivered him to Phuket Airport. No sooner had he left, Adam and Carley arrived. They had booked into the Diamond Cliff Spa and Resort. We remained anchored in Patong Bay for their 10 day stay. We did an ATV Bike Safari and The Flying Zip Line which were both a whole lot of fun. We ventured out into Bangla Road many nights and even watch a Ping Pong Show. By the time they left we were pretty much warn out.
We decided to get out of Patong for a few days, so we headed northwest, up past Ao Surin to Koh Kala. It was a nice change to out of the BAY...
Then it was back to Patong, not exactly sure why!!!! Two days later seen us leaving again and we went around to Nai Harn Bay. From here we were to go across to Phi Phi Don for a couple of days, I was to have my birthday here, but the wind was against us and we ended up in a lovely bay called Racha Yai Bay.

New Years Day
03/01/2013, Patong

We returned to Keri's in the wee hours of the first day of 2013, had a nightcap and off to bed for the 3 of us. We had a Elephant Trekking and Big Buddha tour booked for 11.30am. Emily who was a paying visitor from Denmark staying on Fearless with Jan and Norma had asked us if we would like to do the tour with her.
With slight hangovers and lack of sleep (all except for Emily, the only sensible one amongst us), we departed on time, making stops on the way to pick up other tourists. The Elephant Trekking was the first stop. It was a half hour ride and towards the end I was allowed to clamber down on to the head of the elephant and ride her from. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, though to start with I thought I was going to fall off. Next it was onto the Big Bhudda which sits on top of a hill overlooking Phuket. It is being built by donations from the tourists and locals who go up there to visit and worship. It was a half day tour, so we were returned back to the jetty by 3.30pm, had an early dinner and retired to bed at a reasonable hour.

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