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Sailing Gromit
Winter Wonderland in Canada

Yes, it's winter in Canada and we are in the thick of it.

There has been a hint of spring, but mother nature can be fickle at this time of year. Two weeks ago we had temperatures in the mid teens (mid 70s for you Fahrenheit folks), then a huge snow storm that gave the kids two days off of school and now heavy freezing rain that coated everything to the point of tree branches bending to the ground and snapping like toothpicks.

Where are the palm trees and beaches?

This is the house we are currently living in. We'll be here until our house is rebuilt....we don't know when. We'd hoped to start rebuilding in spring....which is now....but progress is slow, because the process is slow.
We can't complain because this house is spacious and comfortable, though quite dark. We've talked about lightening it up with some brighter paint. Just haven't gotten there yet. Still too much to do regarding the fire.

19//04/2016 | BROOKE SMITH
Our basement flooded while we were cruising this winter. Nothing compared your fire. But the basement is gutted. We will be home in a few days and start that rebuilding. Lost my music studio. It's gutted. But the Uke is safe on board. Hope the rebuild goes well. Brooke & Susan Liquid Therapy
Winter in Canada

Maia, Liam, Zoe, Jaya

Loving the snow.
Building snow buddies.
Make snow angels.

But.....also looking forward to spring!!!

Snow Buddies


Winter Wonderland

Patterns in nature.

Winter Wonderland

Freezing rain.

Winter Wonderland


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