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Sailing Gromit
Hauling Gromit
30//07/2015, Holiday Point Manina, Selby Bay, Chesapeake

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I guess we are now back on land so to speak.
Not feeling happy, feeling conflicted.

30//07/2015 | judith english
Oh I feel like crying!! When I see the photo of Gromit being hauled out I feel as though I have lost a friend!! So goodness knows how you all must feel after so long having him for a very close friend and confidante? If only gromit's walls could speak?!! I shall very much miss your blogs. Perhaps you can now write a book?!! Lots of luv to you all and very happy landings!! Luv Judith
31//07/2015 | Jim Weidman
So strange to see Gromit being hauled out like that. When you helped me set up my blog site in 2009 in Deltaville, the very 1st picture you helped me put up was of Gromit in your driveway in Canada. How time has flown by!! You may not be living & cruising on him any longer, but, I know almost every minute detail of your travels & experiences on him will be engrained in all of your memories from now on. Good luck to you & your family in life back on land. Jim W.
Prepaing Gromit For Sale
29//07/2015, Holiday Point Marina, Selby Bay, Chesapeake

There is lots of turmoil inside of Gromit and inside of us, so it's been really hard to write a post. Working on Gromit doesn't make for an exciting story....packing, cleaning, fixing...... we've collected 7 years of stuff and 7 years of memories. How do you pack that away?

Fortunately, we are an incredible team. Michael, master list maker, has us organized. The kids, after they have done school (yes, school; Zoe and Maia have their high school courses to finish, so that they can write their exams in August and Liam is working on his keyboarding skills and spelling), set to work on the day's jobs without a single complaint. I never hear a word about the fact that it is summer holidays. They don't grumble when it is getting late in the day and they are still working. They know what needs to be done and they do it. Wow!

So, we are at a point now, with Gromit about 80% cleaned out and cleaned up, that we are moving towards getting him professionally listed. We are looking for someone who understands us and our Gromit, the journey, the dream. We invited a few brokers to come and take a look. This has given us a chance to get a feel for their styles, and what a wide range we've seen!

We are currently working on the floor boards. We've put in some temporary flooring and brought the aft cabin stairs forward while the original ones are in the work trailer on land. I've sanded them and am now on the third coat of varnish. They should be done in a couple of days. Last week, Michael and replaced the vinyl on the walls of the v-berth. It looks fantastic and we ask ourselves why we didn't do it sooner! The new toilet has been installed in the aft head. We had taken it out to make that space was a storage area. Ongoing are the jobs of sorting spare parts and tools, cleaning and polishing the interior woodwork, packing up any food that we won't be eating in the next week and smaller jobs that are many and various. So, to say the least, we have our work cut out for us!

We plan to haul Gromit out on Thursday, so we are trying to get as much off and into storage before we have to do it coming down the ladder when we are on land. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be spent doing the final packing and cleaning, scrubbing the decks and polishing the hull. On Monday, we get our one-way rental cube van. We'll spend the day moving all our stuff from the storage trailer to the van. Then, as early as possible on Tuesday, we'll start on our way home. I'll drive our minivan and Michael the cube van. Door to door, without breaks, the drive is about 9 ½ hours.

(Happy now, Brooke?!!!)

30//07/2015 | Caitlin
I, for one, am fascinated to read about your preparations for ending your journey. It has been a delight to read about your explorations and adventures and I have been a faithful reader since your blog began.

It is going to be very hard to see your story end - although, for you all, it is the beginning of a new adventure.

Best of luck as you continue on land!
Annaplolis, Maryland Aboard s/v Solace

Andy, Maia, Cindy

So, it's not been all work and no play. We've been into Annapolis to see our friends Andy and Cindy, who we met at Jekyll Island years ago and who are currently sailing the Chesapeake. They invited us aboard their boat to watch the Wednesday night racing event. Also, we've had the good fortune to meet up with Kevin and Jan, also sailors who live in Annapolis. Kevin's band, The East Port Oyster Boys was playing at the waterfront in Annapolis, so went to see him and Jan there. What a pleasure meeting up with old friends and reminiscing!

Annaplolis, Maryland Aboard s/v Solace

Cindy, Zoe, Kevin and Michael

Banana Humour!


Painting the Aft Cabin Ceiling
29//07/2015, Holiday Point Marina, Selby Bay, Chesapeake

Zoe preparing the aft cabin ceiling for a much need whitening. This was a huge job which took a couple of days.

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