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Sailing Gromit
At Home At Last
18//08/2015, Home

The plan was.........
As I've often said, plans change!

We got the cube van (Wednesday) the day before planning to drive home so that we could pack it and be ready to leave Gromit relatively early in the morning (Thursday). That was the plan......the fact was that we didn't get away until around 4 pm and were too tired to drive all the way home - about 10 hours with breaks.

The crew agreed that this was the perfect time for a little luxury, so we booked a hotel with Michael's Hilton Honour Points!(Thursday night). Oh, la la!!! It was fantastic....just what we needed.

We arrived at Casey and Glenn's place (our neighbours - 2 doors over) at 1:30 in the morning (Friday night/Saturday morning), and after a quick hello, we fell into bed. We had to get up early to unload the van so that Michael could return it - it was a one-way rental from Maryland to Niagara Falls, NY and he had to have it back by 1 pm.

It felt amazing and odd to be back in our empty house. Boxes everywhere, voices echoing off the emptiness, excitement running through us. It was the beginning of a new chapter and it was feeling pretty good!

18//08/2015 | Ajay
Well Come home Gromiteers.
18//08/2015 | Stephen Bratsberg
Welcome home.. now on to the next adventure..Thank you for sharing your travels
20//08/2015 | Susan Ferguson
Welcome home.If you need a sailing fix we are in Lagoon City on Lake Simcoe.Where will home be now in case we need to make a road trip in the sports car.
31//08/2015 | jude crowe
whooooot! Congratulations on realizing the whole dream. Please, please please can we visit you in Cananda one day? We're sailing In Fiji, then NZ for cyclone season. Don't know what the future holds after that! Keep in touch xx
05//10/2015 | Chris and Lorraine
Good to hear you are home safe and well! We are at the same stage, having just moved back ashore in the UK and Gryphon ll up for sale. Don't like it much!
All This Was On Gromit?
18//08/2015, Home

We couldn't believe how much stuff we had aboard Gromit!

An Empty House.....But Not For Long!!!
18//08/2015, Home

It looked so big!

View across the living room to the kitchen.

Where to start!?
18//08/2015, Home

Taking a break after days and weeks of packing, organizing and cleaning aboard Gromit. Looking ahead at what needed to be done now.

The Wall Comes Down!
18//08/2015, Our house

We stored most of our things in our basement and walled them in. Our biggest concern was, whether the mice had made mouse hotels in our mattresses! We were lucky - the mattresses were in perfect condition!

18//08/2015, At Home

A bit of a bulge, eh?!

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