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Sailing Gromit
The Wall
07//09/2014, Mayotte

We are in Madagascar........ I'm just a little behind on Mayotte posts. So, here's one with a few more to follow.

The Wall In Mayotte

The yacht club had a wall that could be approached at high tide. When the tide went out, Gromit was high and dry and solidly sitting on the ground.

The main reason for going on the wall was to install a new depth sounder/knot meter, which also reads water temperature. This will be very helpful for our passage along the South African coast. The water temperature changes where the Agulhas current meets the coastal waters so we will be able to monitor it and stay at its edge.

Also, while we were there, the kids and I scrubbed the hull and did some touch-up on anti-fouling where needed.

All in all, we were there only 24 hrs and got two big jobs done!

There are more pictures in the photo album entitled: Mayotte: The Wall

Nosy Be Island
07//09/2014, Madagascar

The town of Hellville on Nosy Be island in Madagascar is about 190 nautical miles from Mayotte. It is the closest place from Mayotte to check-in to the country.

Hellville Market
07//09/2014, Madagascar


07//09/2014, Hellville Market, Madagascar

The smell of fresh vanilla is intoxicating.

Princess Jenny
07//09/2014, Hellville, Nosy Be Island, Madagascar

Princess Jenny arrives at the dock chauffeured by her faithful Prince Randy.
We are thrilled to have hooked up with our dear friends Randy and Jenny of s/v Mystic. We are hoping to sail together for a while, possibly as far as South Africa.

Out Fishing
07//09/2014, Just off Nosy Be Island, Madagascar


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