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Sailing Gromit
At the Cafe
29//01/2015, South Africa

Early on, when we had just left Lake Ontario and were in the Oswego Canal in New York state, we stopped at a town called Phoenix. There was a cafe. Maia helped a little in that cafe. Since that time, she has maintained that she wants to own and run a cafe.

Fast forward.......One day, Michael and I were in this cafe. It got really, really busy. So busy in fact that when a cup fell to the floor and shattered, no one was able to cleaned it up for a while. Michael and I looked at each other with the same idea. We approached the manager, Jan, and asked him if he would like some volunteer help. He said yes and Michael and I were thinking that this experience might cure Maia of her romantic idea of running a cafe. Not sure if our plan is working!!!!

At the Cafe
28//01/2015, Simon's Town, South Africa

Jan and Maia

Friends From Across the Bay
28//01/2015, Simon's Town, South Africa

This is the crew of s/v Joy, a super family who is spending part of their summer holidays aboard their sailboat.
They sailed in one day from Somerset West which is across the bay from Simon's Town and it didn't take the kids long to get to know each other - nor the adults for that matter!!

South African Penguins
28//01/2015, Boulders Beach, Simon's Town

South African penguins, who live only along the south-western coastal area of South Africa, are endangered.

South African Penguin
28//01/2015, Simon's Town, South Africa

So cute.
This pink gland above their eyes helps them to keep cool. When the temperature gets hotter, the penguin's body sends more blood to these glands which cools them down.

28//01/2015, Cape Point, South Africa

Lynne and Frank, our good buddies from Jekyll Island, Georgia, came to visit for a few days. We put away our boat job lists and became tourists. It was lots of fun!

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