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Sailing Gromit
Passage to St. Helena
28//02/2015, South Atlantic Ocean

Position at 18:30 UTC: 16degress 21.75'S 04degrees 28.51'W

Wind Speed: 18 knots from the stern Boat Speed: 6.5 knots - we're cookin'!

ETA: Sunday (tomorrow) morning Total days on passge: 9 1/2 Miles covered: about 1340 nautical miles

The first days of this passage were bouncy and rough, but the last couple have been fairly smooth as the swell diminished and the wind driven waves mellowed. The measure for roughness is if we are eating meals as a family in the cockpit and for the last two nights we have.

Fishing lines are out, but nary a nibble. Last night for dinner we had to turn to plan 'B' when no fish was caught. We had fish anyway....taken from the freezer. Not sure what plan 'B' will be tonight....lines have been trailing all day and we usually take them in at dusk, as no one wants to clean a fish on the side deck in the dark! Maybe we'll have a hunter's dinner. That's were everyone hunts for their own....a concept we learned from our friend Julie who visited us aboard Gromit way back when we were in French Polynesia. We love this meal concept!

Maia made peanut-butter cups yesterday....YUM! Pancakes for breakfast. Wonder what'll be for dinner if the fish don't come a-knocking!

Halfway to St. Helena!
24//02/2015, Middle of the South Atlantic Ocean

Left Luderitz, Namibia on Thursday afternoon at 3. 1330 miles to St. Helena Island. Just passed the mid-way point. Have covered 691 nautical miles as of Tuesday, Feb. 24 morning.

Have been tossed and jostled for days and days. Waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the calmer seas to arrive.

Delicious banana bread, two kinds, and a loaf of rosemary focaccia! Thank you, Maia!

19//02/2015, Namibia


19//02/2015, Namibia


Diamond Mine Ghost Town
19//02/2015, Namibia

Pic: Edge of the Namib desert at Kohlmanskop.

Everywhere in and around Luderitz is barren and dry.

In the early 1900s, there was a diamond mine and around it grew a town.
When the mine closed, the town was abandoned and now is being reclaimed by the desert sands.
Here is a link to the story of the town of Kolmanskop:

18//02/2015, Namibia

We left False Bay, Simon's Town on Tuesday, Feb. 10. We headed towards Cape Point, aka the 'Cape of Storms', but didn't put up any sails as we didn't want to arrive to soon....we we're going slowly in wait for the winds to shift. With bare poles we were doing 4.5 knots! The wind was was on the stern. It was great! It was a gentle ride and a great way to start our passage.

The passage was mellow up until the last day when the wind picked up to 25-30 knots. It was from the stern which was good but the seas got boisterous. Then when we turned at Dias Point to come towards the Port of Luderitz, we saw winds up to 45 knots on the beam.....oh la la! After 2 hours of that, with poor Michael up at the bow (80 km/h) unlashing and preparing our anchor for deployment, we arrived in Robert Harbour, Luderitz just at dark, threw down the anchor and decompressed!

Luderitz is interesting from a first impression. It is very clean with German architecture, but it is very bland. The hills all around are barren and beige.
It has been a nice stop for a few days before we head off to St. Helena, our first major passage in a while.

From Luderitz, Namibia, it is about 1200 nautical miles to St. Helena. At the rate we travel -5 knots per hour - we figure it will take us about 10 days.
We'll leave tomorrow morning (Thurs. Feb. 20). Anchors away!!

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