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Sailing Gromit


11//06/2010 | Nat McHaffie
Hi Mike and Cornelia,

I was talking to Dennis today and hearing his Galapagos/burned feet stories. Great to tap into your blog which I'll follow now. I am - of course - admiring and envious of your adventure. I had a few years in Vacouver with a truly delightful job but I'm back in Toronto and a quieter life. I was in Morrocco in the spring and yesterday got my airplane back in the air.

Happy sailing



03//06/2010 | Diane
Loved the kids' stories! And yours too about the diesel experience! As is often the case, hapless tourists suspect they are getting taken to the cleaners, but they never really know for sure! The adventure continues!


Boogie Boarding
30//05/2010, Playaman, San Cristobal, Galapagos

Pictures are in the 'Boogie Boarding' album in the photo gallery (see side panel).

About a week ago, there was a big weather system to the south of the Galapagos. It caused a large, large swell here in the anchorage. The pictures attest to that!
It was a perfect day for trying out the new boogie boards.

The seals were also surfing in the waves. It was fun to watch them go twirling and tumbling.

30//05/2010 | Eliza
Hey Gromit Crew! Hope your all enjoying the Galapagos...youre certainly not missing anything in Canada weather wise. I didnt know the officials allowed boogie boarding (you know cruisers stories) Sounds like fun, wishin i was there! But you on our favorites, and ill keep readin!!! Eliza
Artemo Has Arrived in the Galapagos!!!

Yesterday morning (May 28, 2010), at 5:55 am, our VHF radio, which was placed at the head of our bed in the 'ON' position, emitted the long awaited, "GROMIT, GROMIT, GROMIT, this is ARTEMO, ARTEMO, ARTEMO!!!"
We couldn't see them, as they were still a few miles off, but we sure could hear them!
Our reunion was very emotional to say the least!

Dennis and Don, our Canadian friends who flew in last Saturday, are flying out today. (There is always a lot of coming and going in the cruising community!)
We had a great week together, seeing the sights and getting lots of film footage of our life aboard Gromit.

This, just a quick post to say, more to follow soon.

Off to cook breakfast.....

Still Learning!

I just realized that the whole album of photos I posted about our excursion here on the island was tucked into another album. I've now moved it to its own space.
It is only since Panama that I've had the upgraded service with sailblogs, which allows me to post albums, so I'm still learning!
Hope you enjoy them!
Thank you to all who tried to help out with our blog issue. Many of you notified us about the fact that the page was coming up blank.
I was having the same problem here, although I was still able to access the pages which allow me to post.
In the end, we discovered what the problem was. 'Someone' here clicked the wrong button. Lesson learned.

In the last few days, 3 boats with kids have arrived here in the bay. All the Gromiteers now have playmates around their own ages. Even Liam, who in the past has had the least kids his age.
S/V Sunboy, has one girl about 9, s/v Mojo, has 2 girls 11 and 12 and
s/v Coel Mor, has two boys 8 and 9.
Mojo, Sunboy and the Gromits went snorkeling today in a bay about an hours walk away.
There we had the pleasure of swimming with seals! Two young seals came whirling around us trying to entice us into a game of topsy-turvy.
Boy can these creatures swim!
They headed straight for our faces and then with only inches to spare, they dove down underneath us, spun around and popped their heads up, ready for another pass.
We, can you believe it, didn't have our camera!!!
Luckily, Mojo did, so I'll see if they can send me some shots. If they can, I'll post them.

Artemo is making good progress, last we heard. We've been checking their progress on a tracking website, that shows their new position whenever they post it:

Copy and paste the above into Google.

After the page has loaded, you can click on the blue balloon to see details of their latest position report. Also, you can click on any of the other balloon to see past reports.
The balloons heading due south are the route for this second attempt. The balloons more to the right, are from attempt number 1 in April.

This is the same website we use when we are off shore, so when we head out, if you want, you can follow us. Our next jump will be about 3100 miles. I'm guessing we'll have quite a few balloons!!!

25//05/2010 | Jim & Connie Weidman
Great to see your progress. You've made it a long way since Deltaville, Va. Connie & I just returned from the Bahamas. We're in Boot Key Harbor in Marsthon, Fl. Look foreward to following your trip. Good luck! Jim W.
28//05/2010 | Ishmael
Hi Everybody. You didn't mention if the other kid boats were also heading across the Pacific. It would be great if the kids had friends on and off the whole time they were in the islands. Not that they won't find other kids when the get there. You're all braver than me to let wild seals get that close to my face. Keep having fun.

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