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Sailing Gromit
Chef Zoe
24//05/2012, Bayswater Marina, Auckland, New Zealand

Zoe has always loved baking. Recently, she told me she was going to concentrate as much on how her creations look as how they taste. She has made some fabulous, incredible and luscious creations.

30//05/2012 | Ron
You are certainly a super chef Zoe, I have been lucky enough to taste your baking and enjoyed every mouth-full and crumbs.Keep up your great apssion and enjoy your results...R
31//05/2012 | LLyn De Danaan
Omygosh. That pie!That cheesecake. You call that camping. Love seeing all the pictures. You all look fabulous.(from what I'm seeing on the blog) I'm actually going sailing on Sunday. Just a short one. But I went to a women's boating seminar last weekend and loved learning a bit about charting. Actually think I'd like to really LEARN this not just read about it in Captain Cook books. Also am going to take sailing lessons if my friend gets enough people for a class. I have another friend who is writing a whole new book about Cook...studying his accounts of being in the north and siting ice and ice floes....going to compare them with where they are today. I've seen great paintings by Frederique on Facebook lately. Marilyn and Sally have booked to return to Huahine in January. I'm staying open after a trip to Croatia and then Cape Breton for Celtic Colours. Cornelia, please tell you sister I'll be there....maybe she is going!!!Wouldn't it be fun to catch up at the festival!!! Much love to all
01//06/2012 | Tina Daalderop
Loved your photos and catching up. Zoe, really impressed with your cooking skills. Where are you headed next?
All is well with us and happy to report that Mark-Jan is engaged and they are now living in Winnipeg. Not so nice for us.
Our search for a boat continues. We have sold everything outside of our house in Bolton, but it feels good not to have anything else to look after. We will deliberate a little longer and make the plunge soon , if it is going to happen!
You all look fabulous...happy and healthy.
Think about you often,
Tina & Matt
02//06/2012 | Ruth Lowe
Wow! I've finally caught up! What a fabulous adventure your family has had so far and I think it will continue for an indefinite time! I can't even imagine how you would return to your previous life of teaching here. You all will have changed forever. Your kids look so grown up, especially Zoe. I'm thinking she has great potential as a "Baker of Around-the World Recipes"! All her goodies look professional, not to mention yummy. You and Michael look quite healthy and happy too, in spite of your various stress factors related to repairs and moving The Gromit. Sail on! Ruthie

Crisp Coconut and Chocolate Pie
The whole crust is made of nothing but butter and coconut.
The filling is but 62% dark cocoa chocolate and cream.
Four ingredient heaven!

21//06/2012 | FARIN AND MAT
man that pie looks great i showed my dad and he nearly licked the screen clean thinking it was made of the stuff.
Ps Maia why don't u email me more often i miss u well our whole family misses u

New York Style Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Coulis


Unbelievably delicious!



07//06/2012 | farin
awsome cake Zoe. We found your blog pretty cool. hows the sea is it quite windy looks like there was a storm on tuesday.

Leak and Cheddar Almond Tarts

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