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Sailing Gromit
The Best Day Ever
Liam hot, sticky, sunny
10//05/2009, Sea of Abaco, Bahamas

Yesterday, we went snorkeling and I spotted a starfish, one foot big and one foot wide. We saw a stingray and a lot of fish. The colour of the fish was white, white and white. The water we were swimming in is really, really clean. We went to a beach and i thought of bringing a net to catch some fish.

We went to Hope Town in the Abacos, Bahamas and it took 1 whole hour to get there and the same to get back in our dingy.

We went to see the light house. One of the oldest in the Bahamas.

We went to a beach. In had so blue water. We swam at a coral reef. We saw tiny fish. There were turquoise-blue at the front and white in the middle and yellow at the back. There was one fish there that was white and pink. It was 1/2 a foot long.

The best thing about the Bahamas is there are thousands of coconuts, green and brown. The green ones have a lot of juice and aren't ripe and the brown ones have juice but can be rotten. Too much info about coconuts?


Coral Reef


We found over 100 conch shells on the beach by the boat yard.
We found lots of other kinds of shells too.

My Favourite Day
Maia Sunny, light wind from the south east.
10//05/2009, Sea of Abaco, Bahamas

My Favourite Day

We went to a coral reef. It took a long time to get there, because we have only a 2 horse power engine called a 'Seagull'. Finally we got there. We saw starfish and lots and lots of coral. It was really cool. After we finished snorkeling, we had a snack in 'Wallace', our dingy and then we went back to 'Gromit'.

At 'Gromit', we had lunch and dad suggested we should watch a movie. So, we watched Star Wars V (5), because mom and dad had not seen the Star Wars movies for a long time. Then, dad suggested popcorn, so we made it in a pot, the old fashioned way.

After the movie, we went swimming off the side of the boat. It felt weird because I'm used to going to bed after a movie. After swimming, mom said let's read Harry Potter. So we all sat in the cockpit and listening to mom read.

Dad started feeling hungry, so he asked if we wanted spaghetti. Mom said no. Dad thought for a minute and asked if we wanted French fries. Everybody yelled YES! Twenty minutes later, Dad handed a bowl of French fries up into the cockpit. Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!

After French fries, mom read a bit more Harry Potter. Then mom said go to bed and we did.



At the beach near the boat yard where we were having our repairs done, there were so many conch shells you could bury someone in them. You probably wouldn't want to though, because it would be very scratchy!

The Perfect Day
10//05/2009, Sea of Abaco, Bahamas

The Perfect Day

Weather: sunny and beautiful
Location: Abaco, Bahamas

I got up after a late night of Star Wars. (Episode 2) I got dressed and went out to the main cabin and saw that we were having mom's fresh bread for breakfast. I was eating my second piece of bread when I was told we were going to a coral reef.

It took about half an hour to get to the reef. It wasn't far, but our dingy is only 2 horse power. It's very slow. I named it Sluggy.

We saw tons of coral and fish and huge star fish the size of an
8-slice pizza. We also saw live conch, an octopus, sea biscuits and hermit crabs. We also saw a stingray. Its wing span was 3 feet. It was cool. We came home and ate a late lunch. We all needed it, swimming is hard work! Dad suggested we watch a movie. Of course we all said Star Wars (mom and dad have only seen episode 4).

Dad made popcorn and it was enjoyable, except that it got hot because we use the stove to make it and we were a squished on the dinette (the couch/bench seat where we all eat). After the movie, we put our bathing suits on and jumped off the side of the boat. I took my snorkel and flippers because the water is so clear.

Since lunch was so late, we were not hungry for dinner, so we sat in the cockpit and listened to mom read Harry Potter, (we are on the 3rd book).
At about 7 o'clock Dad asked who wanted some French fries. We all said yes and while he cooked we continued to listen to Harry Potter. After tons of scrumptious French fries (oh, Frank, if you are reading this, your French fries are scrumptious too!)

At 10 o'clock, mom and dad told us to go to bed. We didn't argue, because we had the best day ever!!


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