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Sailing Gromit
Gromit's Photos - Enjoying Huahine
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Katy, with Maikai in front and Kailea between Liam and Maia, came to get the kids for water skiing. Not only were they excited about going water skiing, but to ride on a jet ski, too!
The kids all go to the same school. Kailea speaks English, which was a wonderful thing for Maia in the beginning when French was so overwhelming.
Excitement ran high this day, when both Maia and Liam were able to ski for long periods of time without falling.
Here we are having lunch at the home of a family we met early on in our stay. Claire is a teacher at the College (middle school) that their two daughters attend, as well as Zoe.
Their son goes to the same school as Maia and Liam.
It was a delightful day and a really delicious lunch.
Their home is situated on the side of a hill with an incredible view, which I can
Claire and family came to visit us aboard Gromit one Sunday and had a swinging time!
We went back to
We were invited to share their lunch of fresh fish cooked on an open fire, coconut bread, baked in a pit oven in the sand and breadfruit with coconut milk -- all prepared for them by their friend, Sikki, the caretaker of the beach.
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Who: Michael, Cornelia, Zoe, Maia, Liam. Photo: At Tilloo Bank, Elbow Cay, Bahamas (photo by Frank Taylor)
Port: Toronto
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