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Sailing Gromit
Gromit's Photos - Canadians Come to Visit
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Astrid and Skye at the airport.
Astrid and Ryssa in the back of Marie-Laure
Gromit comes to meet the gang.
They brought 4 large bags, 3 of which were filled with
They also brought us our new dingy seats seen in the large box here. Lucky for us, no extra charges were levied by the airlines!
Behind Astrid
Zoe, Ryssa and Maia, practicing their dance on the front of the Blue Boat.
To get anywhere, our dingy is our
Ryssa and Keiton on their way to the post office.
Drumming with Paulo.
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Who: Michael, Cornelia, Zoe, Maia, Liam. Photo: In the Highlands of Sri Lanka
Port: Toronto
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19 December 2013
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12 March 2013
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26 June 2011
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