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Tasman Sea
26/01/2011, Off St Helens

Wednesday 26th Jan.2011 1800 hours
Happy Australia day. I have just noticed that internet connection is starting to register as we approach the Tasmanian Coast. We are currently hard on a 14 .knot SW breeze and Kirralaa is in the groove. Out trip so far has been mixed with the first day of calms and then when we did get wind we were headed by a 2 knot current for about 14 hours and even now with our speed over the ground at 7.4 knots we still have a small amount against us. Today started with overcast skies but by mid morning it was clear and warm. Every thing has gone well on the boat and crew holding up OK. We will be looking forward to hot showers when we arrive tomorrow. At this stage we will head for the E side of Maria Island to shelter from a strong wind warning tomorrow afternoon but this may change.
We saw quite a few ships as we rounded Gabo Island yesterday morning but since then not much.
I believe a few of you have been posting comments but I have not been receiving them so will try to find out what's wrong in the next few days. You can contact me on [email protected]
I will send this and update our position on just as soon as I have enough signal strength

In the Garden of Eden
22/01/2011, Eden

Tuesday is still looking good for our departure but will wait for tomorrows forecast. Today after a shower ashore we walked into town and did some washing then had lunch at the Fisherman's club. Easy afternoon aboard and BBQ dinner tonight.
We have had an ongoing discussion re chargers all day and although I am correct Bob just cant accept it and as I write this he is still trying to justify his position!!!
Tomorrow we will do a bit of shopping and Bob is having a massage (neither Geoff or I are administering it you can be sure)
I will post another blog when we are under way.

21/01/2011, Eden

We are anchored in very pleasant conditions just off the wharf in Eden. We had a thunderstorm here just after we arrived yesterday but it passed quickly. Bob cooked a great meal last night, baked chops and vegetables washed down with a little to much red wine. This morning is calm and clear and Bob has just gone ashore to check out if there are showers available as this is the first item on our agenda today. At this stage it looks like we will be here till Tuesday waiting for a weather window.
We had a good days sailing yesterday.

12/01/2011, Home

Well so much for being organised. I have put the boat back on the mooring and hope the solar panels and wind generator will keep the fridge/freezer running for another week. Unfortunately we have missed the weather window to sail South and now a strong SE change is moving up the coast from Saturday so we will have to wait it out. At this stage a departure before next Wednesday is unlikely. Its disappointing for all concerned but when you compare it to what the poor people in Queensland are going through at the moment its nothing.
I will keep on watching the weather and hope for a change.

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