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Salmon!!!!!!!!! Salmon!!!!!!!
29/03/2012, Bahia Elisabeth, Seno Eyre

Yesterday we arrived at Seno Eyre that has one of the largest glaciers in Chile the Pio XI (50 m high and over 3.5 km wide). We only saw it from faraway and we could see lots of blocks of ice close to it. After anchoring in a very secure bay Werner, Nina and Lucas went for a walk. After that they went fishing close to the beach and they got two robalos (Nina and Lucas caught them)!

Today it was cloudy and we decided to go fishing in a river in a bay next to ours. It was a very successful day, two salmons in the morning and two in the evening. We got three more but they were too small and we release them.

Tomorrow we will check out the glacier and probably we will go fishing again. Not sure when we leave from here, maybe in another couple of days.

02/04/2012 | Ademir -Band Poa
Ola Nina e Lucas. Fico feliz em ver que vocês estão bem, Abraços ao seus pais.
Que Deus os abençoe!!!
02/04/2012 | Paulo Silveira
Salmao fresco e pescado e demais.
Bons ventos e boa pescaria.
Paulo Silveira/Riacho Doce.
Caleta Alicia to Caleta Dock
26/03/2012, Caleta Dock

Today I made eggs, tomatoes and toast for breakfast and it was yummy. On the way out we saw some otters swimming to shore and a bunch of fur seals and condors. In the water there were gigantic schools of red krill. Lucas and I started school while we left the anchorage but I only did half of my school since it got wavy once we left the bay. We only motored for about 3 hours until we got to Caleta Dock where we didn't use shore lines for the first time since Puerto Consuelo. Caleta Dock is a long and narrow estuary with a river at one end and at the opening a big rock with a channel in both sides. On one side of the bay is a small waterfall. We anchored across from the waterfall. Lucas and I rowed to the waterfall, got some mussels for dad, who was fishing, and rowed back shore. We tied up the dinghy and walked up the waterfall until it was time for lunch. We should have brought the camera since the view was amazing. We rowed back and were just in time for lunch. After lunch I finished school and made non-successful butterscotch. I did a puzzle and read for a while. Then we went to the river mouth and burn some rubbish. We explored up the river (God bless gumboots) and went back. Lucas and I walked most of the way along the shore and Mum and Dad rowed back. On the way they saw an otter that came right up to the dinghy to look at them. When we got back I wrote this and we are going to have pancakes for dinner.

Going well
25/03/2012, Caleta Alicia

21 to 24/03/2012 After two nights waiting at Caleta Jaime (52' 10.95W: 073 17.15W) for the wind to die down we did some long runs. Our first stop was at Caleta Moonlight Shadow (51' 33.60S: 074 04.70W) where we had a great night and the following morning we filled the water tank again with the water from a waterfall. Nina was the funnel holder again and this time she got very wet. Just before we went to the waterfall we saw a sailing boat passing in front of the entry of the Caleta. It's not very often that we see any boats around here. It's rare to see any sailing boat. We left around 10:00am and we only could see the boat from the distance. That day we went until Caleta Damien (51' 18.47S: 074 08.74W) and when we got there we saw the other boat already anchored. Dawnbreaker is a Swedish boat and it caught our attention the first time we saw it in Port Williams because there is a Brazilian flag on the mast. The owner is sailing with friends and one of them, Tom, is a Brazilian. After we had our late lunch we went to have a chat with them. It's always nice to meet new people and exchange stories. The following day we went to Poza de las Nutrias (50' 37.99S: 074 95.75W). After getting the boat ready we went to explore, Werner went fishing and Nina, Lucas and I decided to go for a walk. Some walks here are more like walking on moss, up the trees, rocks... a bit challenging using gumboots but we had fun. After going quite high over some rocks I decided that was getting late and we should be back before dark, as we had needed to find our way back. After some slides and wrongs turns we arrived back to the dinghy before it got very dark. Werner didn't catch any fish. We've all stopped asking him if he got any, he goes fishing at every opportunity and nothing happens (at least no fish big enough that we can eat!). We hope he'll get some nice salmon before we get to Port Montt. The next morning we had an exciting wake up call. Around 6:00 am we started to hear some noise on the deck. It was not the boat moving but an animal. We woke up Nina and Lucas to see an otter that was under the dinghy on the deck. We tried first to see it from inside the boat but it was too dark so we put the deck lights on and we were able to see it. The otter first stay under the dinghy but soon came to the back of the boat, passing on the side of the cockpit and down the platform. They are pretty curious creatures. The same morning we saw another 3 otters when we were going out of the caleta. The next day was sunny and we had no wind!!! We had another long run doing 48 miles. We normally go around 20 miles a day but having no wind and no rain it was too good to be true. This was on Sunday (25/03) and we stopped at Caleta Alicia (50' 01.85S: 074' 38.07W). Before going inside the Caleta we saw fur seals and condors.

Lucas diary for 4 days
18/03/2012, Caleta Fontaine

Lucas' diary for 4 days. 13/3/2012 Puerto Consuelo At the moment I am thinking of the tropics, warm and clear water, the heat, the palm trees....Ahhh, I wish we were there but when I'm in the tropics I'll be thinking of here. So I better enjoy it here. This is what happened today. This is Lucas talking to you about his day. “I started the day nicely and then I remembered it was Tuesday. Tuesday equals school. So I had breakfast and started school, Te Ara Hou, Maths and English. So I spend some time in the morning doing school and we went to shore to drop off Dad (who was going to Puerto Natales). On the way back to the boat we stopped at Grey Pearl and Enzo showed us their new kitten. It is a ginger cat with the fluffiest fur ever. We did school until 2:00pm, had lunch and continued school until 4:00pm. Then we went to shore, up the cliff and through the bush. There were lots of oval shaped red seeds on the ground .We played a war game. The seeds were ammo and the bushes were forts. It was fun. We went for a walk and when we tried turning on the motor it wouldn't start so we had to row back. Half way there Yves, Enzo's dad, came in their dinghy and gave us a lift. Yay! He invited us for a cup of tea on their boat. What we did? Had 2 cups of coke and played with the cat. The dog swam from shore to the boat in really cold water and couldn't get on the boat. Enzo's mum finally noticed him and he got a warm bath, got dried with a hair drier and he was under the table in front of the heater. Poor doggy! Mum and I went back with dad (he had come back). For dinner we had broccoli with white sauce, potatoes and steak. Yum! Then I wrote this." 14/03/12 The day started to be fun after breakfast. Mum said it was a holiday since we planned to go to Puerto Natales. Yay! We went to the dock to get fuel from a truck. It was so easy to do the fuel but it was late to go to Puerto Natales. After that we went to shore for a walk with Enzo and after dad when fishing. Dad said he almost caught a big salmon. We had pancakes for dinner. 15-16/03/2012 Day 1: I wake up sort of early (everyone did on Kleiner Bar) and we had breakfast. Then we all got ready to leave really fast and we had to wait a bit for Oliver to come and pick us up. So after some time he came and off we went to Oliver's boat, Inspirity. Inspirity is a 47 Lagoon catamaran. It's huge inside, almost as big as a house. It looks really big compared to our boat. Oliver picked up the people off Grey Pearl. That's Karine, Yves, Enzo and their dog Rocky. There is also a kitten called Yendegaia but she stayed on the boat. Then we all set off to Puerto Natales. When we got there, after two hours of reading, we got to the dinghy and set off to town. First we went to find a dentist, but it was closed. So we had a yummy lunch and man was it nice! I had a plate of chicken and chips. Yum! Later we went to the border by car. We went to Argentina for a while and came back so we could stay another three months in Chile. The trip was very nice. After we went to the supermarket and got all the stuff on the list. We went to the dock on the taxi and left to Inspirity. We went back to Kleiner Bar, had dinner and went to sleep. Day 2: Today we didn't do much. We wake up and soon after we left. The wind was too strong and we had to use plan B. That meant we would go to the closest safe place and anchor. So we turned up in a bay that has a salmonera.

18/03 Lucia Yesterday we passed the Angostura White and we stopped at Caleta Mousse. We arrive early and we had time to go for a nice walk. Today we planned to go for around 30 miles but after we left the Canal Santa Maria and enter Canal Union the wind increased to 30 knots and we decided to stop early at Caleta Jaime (52' 10.95S: 073.17.15W).

Water and glaciers in Estero de Las Montanhas
Nina and Lucia
15/03/2012, Puerto Consuelo, Puerto Natales

Water and glaciers in Estero de Las Montanhas
After we left Caleta Extra the next day and sailed to Caleta Teokita. On the way we passed the Magellan Channel and it was really wavy, almost as wavy as Cape Horn. When we finally got to Caleta Teokita it was raining and we put two lines to shore. We saw a dead seal floating nearby.
The next morning we left to Caleta Dardé and got there about 2pm. We anchored in this big bay, a bit like a lagoon. We all rowed around for a while and walked up a little creek. I was the only one with gumboots so I just walked right through it while the others had to bounce along the mossy bank. Hehe!
The next day we motored/sailed to Caleta Vitoria and tied up on a point with a little fisherman's hut. We went right up to it with Kleiner Bar, it was so dip there.
From Caleta Vitoria we sailed to a waterfall and half-filled the tank. We anchored in Bahia Fontaine and then we went to Estero de las Montanhas. It was really calm and sunny and all the snowy mountains around us were reflected on the water.
We tied up near a waterfall and I went on shore to attach a funnel and hose to the waterfall. Lucas and Iexplored and I had a swim in the freezing river while the tank was filled. After the tank was full we motored around the corner to a place called Caleta Mist. Mum, Dad and Lucas took the dinghy to a big glaciers aroun the corner. I stayed behind and tidied up. When they came back we left the anchorage because the holding wasn't good and went to another place called Estero Kuven. We had a perfect barbecue on a beach nearby that was covered in driftwood and I made girdle scones.
The next day we left passed through Agostura Kirke and spend only part of the night in Caleta Easter before moving to another place because the wind changed and waves were coming inside the bay. After that we passed in front of Puerto Natales and went to Puerto Consuelo were we are at the moment.
We met again Inspirity and two other French boats that we met in Port Williams, Grey Peal and Pegase 3. We will be here to resupply, refuel and to enjoy the company of friends.

16/03/2012 | Paulo Silveira
Werner e flia.
Belissimas fotos, a navegada esta perfeita.
Continuo seguindo e torcendo por voces.
Bons ventos.
Paulo Silveira/Riacho Doce
Caleta Extra
09/03/2012, Caleta Extra

52 58.05'S: 073 27.84'W
Mum asked me to do a blog and here it is.

We spent a few days in Caleta Extra (aka the garage) because of the weather and I almost went for a swim. Lucas and I had a plan to do some camping on shore (the moss is so soft is better than a bed) but since we only have a tiny tarpaulin and no tent we decided not to. I'm glad we didn't because it rained that night. We all except for Mum went for walk on shore but the ground was so mossy it was like jumping on a trampoline. It's really fun despite the fact that there was about half a metre of air under the moss and I fell into hole about three times and had to be hauled out. We bounced to the top of a small hill and back down. Then we rowed out in the dinghy to a tiny beach at the entrance of the cove. We went around the entrance point and checked out the view across the Canal Sylvia. We walked back on rowed back to the boat. Dad went fishing at the entrance and caught 7 fish (little ones though) while Lucas and I watched a movie.
The next day we got ready to leave but ended up putting out more lines since the wind got stronger. We didn't do much all day except for jigsaws.

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