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Nina's Diary
08/04/2012, Caleta Lamento del Indio

We only had half a day of Easter this year. We woke up pretty late and had pancakes for breakfast. About 2 days ago, I (being the official party planner) said that for Easter this year everyone had to give everyone else a present. I made three little boxes with some presents in them. Everyone got an origami spring bunny, an origami star with Happy Easter on it and an origami Easter egg. For individual presents I gave Dad a drawing of a trout, Mum a voucher for a painting since I didn't have enough time to paint it and for Lucas an origami iceberg, origami penguins and some gum. After breakfast began the treasure hunt. It was a bit unusual since we didn't have any Easter eggs. Mum gave us some clues for our first presents. Dad found his first, a voucher for a new frying pan in the MOB buoy, I found mine (a can of coke) next inside the main sail and Lucas took ages to find his (another can of coke) in a bucket.

Then we searched the boat for the rest of them. In the end everyone got a plastic bag full of sweets and chocolate. We had lunch and we left to cross Golfo de Penas.

Seno Iceberg without icebergs
Nina's Diary
05/04/2012, Caleta Yvonne and Seno Iceberg

On Thursday we had breakfast and left to Seno Iceberg. On the way we did school. There are no icebergs in Seno Iceberg but maybe in winter. We anchored near a glacier and a big waterfall. The glacier was huge but not as big as Ventisquero Pio XI. The best part about it was that instead of just a tall ice face we could see the rest of it snaking up around a big mountain. We rowed to shore and went for a short walk on the side of the waterfall. There were a lot of stick tights (little prickly seeds that stick all over your clothes). The river was almost wide as on in Bahia Elisabeth (where we went fishing) and really fast. We went rock hopping for a while and then went back to the boat. We motored back to Caleta Yvonne since there wasn't any anchorage good enough to spend the night in Seno Iceberg. On the way back I baked a madeira cake, an apple fruit sponge and pao de queijo. We had all the things above and soup for dinner and watched a movie.

On Friday we left Caleta Yvonne and tried to sail to Caleta Point Lay. We sailed all day but the wind was too strong and against us so we turn back to Caleta Connor (48' 29.49S: 074' 24.44W). When we got there I made negrinhos with Lucas and some presents for Easter.

On Saturday we went to shore and want for a walk to the arbol notable which is a tree with all the names of boats that passed here on it. We didn't put ours up since we wanted to leave the anchorage and didn't have time. We sailed for ages and I finished my presents. We anchored in Caleta Lamento del Indio and watched a movie.

Puerto Eden
04/04/2012, Puerto Eden

After a spectacular day at Ventisquero Pio XI we went to Puerto Eden (49' 07.70S: 074' 24.70W). We arrived there with lots of wind and rain and we went to a protected area close to the village. Two guys from the Armada came to see us by dinghy. The Armada Station is not very close to town so we decided to go there the next day. All the ports or lighthouses with the Armada post we need to inform when we arrive and also the next destination and time of arrival. They are very friendly and it's a formality we need to comply. In the middle of the afternoon two guys from the Armada came to see us, poor guys, they were soaking wet. It's hard for them to understand the name of our boat, Cleaner Bar is what they normally call us.

During the first night on Puerto Eden snow fell on the mountains around us and it got very cold. We could use the internet in the Armada but in the end we got two days of rain and cold and decided that a wet dinghy ride there with the computer was not a good idea. There are no new pictures in the blog and the work for the school will wait for the next time. It was a quick stop, we walked around the village in walk boards (there are no roads in the village). During the nineties the population of Puerto Eden was more than 600 people, now they have only about 160. The school is quite new and very large but they have only 9 students. When the Red Tide arrived there, the mussel industry stopped which was the main industry in Puerto Eden. It's quite strange going to a place like that that is shrinking, not growing like the majority of other towns. We didn't spend a lot of time there, we just got the diesel, and some food (not much because they don't have much).

Our next stop was Seno Iceberg, the last glacier we planned to check out. The only problem in this Seno is there is no protected anchorage to stay overnight. So it was a day trip, 30 miles detour. The glacier was nice but we were very spoiled after Pio XI that the waterfall nearby was more interesting than the glacier.

Breakfast at the Glacier
02/04/2012, Bahia Elisabeth, Seno Eyre

Today I woke up to the sound of the motor. That's the bad thing about having your bed right next to the motor, it's noisy and when it's in neutral vibrates so much I can get any sleep. Other than that it's really nice since it warms up the cabin and keeps our mattress dry here in Patagonia. Anyway the reason for the engine to be on was that Mum and Dad wanted to have breakfast with Pio XI (the glacier not the pope). So, after getting dressed, Lucas and I went outside. We were just about to go around the corner and we could see the glacier up ahead. All around it were bergy bits, some huge and someonly big as an ice cube. There must have been billions of them. We let down the anchor to the waterline to help to clear the way but we could still hear horrible scraping sounds on the side of the hull. We turned off the motor and drifted while we had breakfast. Lucas collected ice cubes and I read for a while. Then we rowed over in the dinghy to an iceberg and hopped onto it. It was big and flat with lots of little holes and notches so it was really non-slippery. We stayed on it for while then rowed back. It was a bit hard because the wind had picked up and whenever we got a bit closer to the boat, it drifted away again. When we finally got back, Dad turned the motor and Mum took the dinghy right up close to the glacier and took lots of photos. When she came back, Lucas went with her to visit a glacier waterfall. When they came back Lucas was wet from waist down because he fell in the water from an iceberg. After he had a hot shower we motored to Caleta Sally. We tied up to the shore near a waterfall and filled up the water tank while having lunch, which was hotdogs. We anchored in Bahia Elisabeth again. Mum, dad and Lucas went to the river for fishing and I stayed at the boat reading since I wasn't feeling well. It was really dark when they came back and we had salmon with some fruity sauce (dried pears and raisins) Dad made up for dinner. Then I wrote this.

08/04/2012 | Maria & Lucia, Floripa
Li as últimas de vocês pra Lucia, ela adorou. Perguntou incrédula duas vezes "quantos anos tem o Lucas"? Queria confirmar que alguém da idade dele pode viver tantas aventuras. (a parte da escola ela ignorou, é claro)
Nina e Lucas, vocês escrevem muito bem, é um prazer e muita diversão ler as passagens de vocês.

Beijos grandes daqui de Floripa pra todos
Salmon!!!!!!!!! Salmon!!!!!!!
29/03/2012, Bahia Elisabeth, Seno Eyre

Yesterday we arrived at Seno Eyre that has one of the largest glaciers in Chile the Pio XI (50 m high and over 3.5 km wide). We only saw it from faraway and we could see lots of blocks of ice close to it. After anchoring in a very secure bay Werner, Nina and Lucas went for a walk. After that they went fishing close to the beach and they got two robalos (Nina and Lucas caught them)!

Today it was cloudy and we decided to go fishing in a river in a bay next to ours. It was a very successful day, two salmons in the morning and two in the evening. We got three more but they were too small and we release them.

Tomorrow we will check out the glacier and probably we will go fishing again. Not sure when we leave from here, maybe in another couple of days.

02/04/2012 | Ademir -Band Poa
Ola Nina e Lucas. Fico feliz em ver que vocês estão bem, Abraços ao seus pais.
Que Deus os abençoe!!!
02/04/2012 | Paulo Silveira
Salmao fresco e pescado e demais.
Bons ventos e boa pescaria.
Paulo Silveira/Riacho Doce.
Caleta Alicia to Caleta Dock
26/03/2012, Caleta Dock

Today I made eggs, tomatoes and toast for breakfast and it was yummy. On the way out we saw some otters swimming to shore and a bunch of fur seals and condors. In the water there were gigantic schools of red krill. Lucas and I started school while we left the anchorage but I only did half of my school since it got wavy once we left the bay. We only motored for about 3 hours until we got to Caleta Dock where we didn't use shore lines for the first time since Puerto Consuelo. Caleta Dock is a long and narrow estuary with a river at one end and at the opening a big rock with a channel in both sides. On one side of the bay is a small waterfall. We anchored across from the waterfall. Lucas and I rowed to the waterfall, got some mussels for dad, who was fishing, and rowed back shore. We tied up the dinghy and walked up the waterfall until it was time for lunch. We should have brought the camera since the view was amazing. We rowed back and were just in time for lunch. After lunch I finished school and made non-successful butterscotch. I did a puzzle and read for a while. Then we went to the river mouth and burn some rubbish. We explored up the river (God bless gumboots) and went back. Lucas and I walked most of the way along the shore and Mum and Dad rowed back. On the way they saw an otter that came right up to the dinghy to look at them. When we got back I wrote this and we are going to have pancakes for dinner.

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