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The Journey Begins
Tyson comes to visit!
11/17/2011, St. Thomas

We arrived in St. Thomas and decided to stay at the Crown Bay Marina to fill our tanks with water. Wow it felt terrific to have a real shower! We spent a couple nights in the Marina and then headed to one of the bays to anchor. Marc spent his time sourcing parts and walking the island picking up parts and dropping off the water maker to be repaired. My brother, Tyson, has joined us for a ten day visit. We tried to do a little shopping but are in low season and they were all closed. So we decided to take in the 2 for 1 happy hour at the Greenhouse instead.

2011-11 November
11/19/2011 | Sonia
Wow,, Tam you look so nice and tanned.:)
Going Fishing
11/17/2011, St. Thomas bound

We left Culebra and were sailing to St. Thomas, the winds were blowing and we were making good time. Marc read that we would be passing through a good fishing location so decided to put out the trolling fishing rod. Wouldn't you know it the first time he puts out the rod we get a Mahi Mahi (Dorado). He was very tasty!!

2011-11 November
11/18/2011 | Arden
That looks like a pretty small fish Marc.
11/19/2011 | Michelle
I'm impressed, Marc - nice looking fish. All day on a Mexican boat with several rods in the water and we all couldn't catch anything but sunburns - I guess you've learned a few things over the years... Keep practicing - Winona and I would LOVE fresh caught fish for supper...
Small quiet cove
11/17/2011, Culebra - US Virgin Islands

We decided to move the boat into cleaner waters to trouble shoot the water maker. We sailed into a small protected bay with only a few neighbors. The winds were blowing and the water was blue green. We only spent one night at this location, it would have been nice to spend more time here.

2011-11 November
Island 3 - Water maker break down
Winds are picking up
11/17/2011, Culebra - US Virgin Islands

Have not had internet for a week, I will try to catch you up. We left Vieques and sailed to Culebra. Culebra is a very quaint and beautiful island. We spent the first day getting settled. The second day we got our bearings and Marc took apart the water maker - it has stopped working. We found some parts for the water maker in Puerto Rico and our dive air compressor had arrived in Puerto Rico. So Marc took the ferry from Culebra to Puerto Rico and some wonderful new friends Ronnie and Betsy picked up the air compressor and water maker parts (they also brought some amazing homemade Papaya Hot Sauce and BBQ sauce) and brought them to Marc on the ferry, so he was able to turn around and head back to Culebra without delay. Unfortunately they were not the parts that needed to be replaced on the water maker. It always amazes me how we tend to take things for granted until they are gone or in short supply. We are rationing our fresh water very closely!

2011-11 November
Island #2
11/08/2011, Culebra - US Virgin Islands

We spent two more nights in Vieques. The second night we anchored in a bay that was very protected and we were the only ones there. There has been no wind, which means no sailing and lots of bugs!! We have had to motor from place to place, which is just not the same. Looks like we will be getting some good winds this weekend - very exciting!

When we showed up in Vieques, one of the locals at the pier recommended that we lock our dinghy as they have a tendency to go missing. We made sure to lock her up each time we went ashore. Our neighbors were not so lucky - they did not lock their dinghy, went for a few drinks, came back and their dinghy was gone - they had to swim back to their boat.

We Christened the boat and celebrated her new name!!

2011-11 November
11/08/2011 | Thar be Dragons
It sounds like all is well with you. It's nice to see that you are finally on the water. Fair winds
Finally out sailing!!
Way too Hot
11/06/2011, Vieques

Hello everyone, sorry that we have not provided an update in a few days. We had a few busy days getting our dive tanks mounted, our ice maker installed and the boat ready for our first visitors. Our friends Jay and Jessica joined us this weekend. We headed out to start our sailing journey on Friday morning to Vieques, a small island southeast of Puerto Rico. We spent the first night in Punta Arenas Green Beach at the northwest point of island. There was only one other sailboat, it was very secluded and private, but not alot of breeze. The next morning we all tried out the new paddle board - it was FANTASTIC!! The water was as calm as in a lake. We then headed over to Puerto Real which is a very busy tourist area with lots of quaint restaurants and a few boutiques. Our friends caught the ferry this morning to head back to Puerto Rico. Gotta run, talk to you soon!

2011-11 November
11/08/2011 | Michelle Stang
Hello from Calgary. You are my first blog site I have visited. Keep us posted on your adventures. Winona and I are closing in on a flight and will keep you posted. Love, Mich

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