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** KYROS **
The Journey Begins
11/21/2011, Buck Island

Today we sailed from St. Croix over to Buck island a small protected island with a beautiful beach. Once there we decided to do some snorkeling, we were in the dinghy heading to the other side of the island to the reef when some dolphins decided to join us and give us a little show!! They were so close it was amazing, you could almost touch them! The snorkeling was also some of the better snorkeling that we have seen. The island is a turtle nesting site so we were not allowed on the island after dark.

2011-11 November
12/15/2011 | Freida
Love it, make sure you mark the spot. I would love to swim with the Dolphins in the ocean. Did you swim with them??
Clothes Lined
11/21/2011, Island Tour

Can you see the yellow nylon rope in the photo?? While on our jeep island tour, Tyson spent alot of time standing in the back seat with a prime view of the sites, taking photos. Tyson took this photo just before getting clothes lined by the yellow rope. Thank goodness Marc was driving slow because we were at a dead end and had to turn around. Tyson was busy taking photos and none of us noticed the rope. Luckily Tyson had his arm up while taking photos, with reflexes like a cat. Next thing we know Tyson is laid out in the back seat, with rope burn on his neck and arm, and the yellow rope laying in a pile on the ground. Needless to say Tyson was much more careful watching for hanging things after the close call. We are so thankful that he did not get seriously hurt. Lesson: Arms, hands and head inside the vehicle at ALL times!!

2011-11 November
Too Deep - Too Deep!!
11/21/2011, Cramer Park

Took the dingy out to Cramer Park on the east coast - a small sandy beach that is crazy busy with locals on the weekends. We pulled in and Tyson figured it was shallow enough to jump in and pull the dingy to shore. All of a sudden Tyson was hanging onto the side of the dingy saying - TOO DEEP, TOO DEEP, TOO DEEP!! He could not touch the bottom, Marc restarted the outboard and got us closer to shore.

2011-11 November
Marc gets up with the kite!
11/21/2011, St. Croix

Marc has a much better day on the kite. He gets up and is able to stay up, but the winds die down and we have to call it a day.

2011-11 November
Island Tour
11/19/2011, St. Croix

Today we rented a jeep, took down the top and toured the island of St. Croix. It is a beautiful island with desert at one end and a rain forest at the other. The people are very friendly and laid back. We are slowly getting used to island pace. We did some minor 4x4ing - Marc and my brother would have liked to go further and harder, but I asked that we turn around when the path was only wide enough for a quad. The views were amazing, and the day was wonderful. We ended our day for supper at "Cheeseburgers in Paradise", they were delicious.

2011-11 November
11/19/2011 | Sonia
OMG,, I just wanted to let you guys know we are now grand parents of a lil girl born Oct 31 ,8lb7oz. Emily Isabela Kozlow and she is perfect :):):):) We are so proud.
11/20/2011 | Nic
I would have been asking them to turn around too, sounds like you guys are having a great time exploring! Its -25C tonight, seems our furnace is going non stop, so when those bugs get to you think of us scraping our windshields in the cold cold cold, should make it alllll better!
11/21/2011 | Sonia
OMG,, I just wanted to let you guys know we are now grand parents of a lil girl born Oct 31 ,8lb7oz. Emily Isabela Kozlow and she is perfect :):):):) We are so proud.
Kite Surfing
11/19/2011, St. Croix

One of the things that Marc planned to do on our trip was to take Kite Surfing lessons in St. Croix and then buy the gear if he enjoyed it as much as he figured he would. My brother, Tyson, decided to join Marc and take the lessons as well. They have both been drinking alot of sea water and have been getting dragged along in the water. The first day was at a beach learning how to control the kite - they did not go in the water. The second day was in the water with the kite, but no board, getting dragged around to get a feel for the kite and the power it has and then they were given a board, and tried to get up and ride the waves. Tyson was a little more successful. They have one more day of training - we will see how it all comes together. I will keep you posted.

2011-11 November
11/19/2011 | Sonia
Well hi there our far away friends, sounds like you are having fun wish Mark luck with his kite surfing. And Tyson as well.just thought you would like to know -23 out here today see what you guys are missing Lol Happy to here you are havilnf fun & you are safe. Love the picture I will check in again soon my friend
Miss ya,s Sonia & George
Island 5 - St. Croix
Up to 9 knots!
11/17/2011, St. Croix

We left St. Thomas and headed for St. Croix. The winds were in our favour and what we thought might be a six to eight hour tour was done in five and a half hours. Tyson decided to ride up front on the trampoline and get some sleep enroute. The seas were a little rough, but what a great sail - Marc had a perma-grin the whole day! We arrived in St. Croix to a north swell and lots of wind, which means lots of rocking and rolling on the boat, but no bugs!!

2011-11 November
Tyson comes to visit!
11/17/2011, St. Thomas

We arrived in St. Thomas and decided to stay at the Crown Bay Marina to fill our tanks with water. Wow it felt terrific to have a real shower! We spent a couple nights in the Marina and then headed to one of the bays to anchor. Marc spent his time sourcing parts and walking the island picking up parts and dropping off the water maker to be repaired. My brother, Tyson, has joined us for a ten day visit. We tried to do a little shopping but are in low season and they were all closed. So we decided to take in the 2 for 1 happy hour at the Greenhouse instead.

2011-11 November
11/19/2011 | Sonia
Wow,, Tam you look so nice and tanned.:)
Going Fishing
11/17/2011, St. Thomas bound

We left Culebra and were sailing to St. Thomas, the winds were blowing and we were making good time. Marc read that we would be passing through a good fishing location so decided to put out the trolling fishing rod. Wouldn't you know it the first time he puts out the rod we get a Mahi Mahi (Dorado). He was very tasty!!

2011-11 November
11/18/2011 | Arden
That looks like a pretty small fish Marc.
11/19/2011 | Michelle
I'm impressed, Marc - nice looking fish. All day on a Mexican boat with several rods in the water and we all couldn't catch anything but sunburns - I guess you've learned a few things over the years... Keep practicing - Winona and I would LOVE fresh caught fish for supper...
Small quiet cove
11/17/2011, Culebra - US Virgin Islands

We decided to move the boat into cleaner waters to trouble shoot the water maker. We sailed into a small protected bay with only a few neighbors. The winds were blowing and the water was blue green. We only spent one night at this location, it would have been nice to spend more time here.

2011-11 November

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