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The Journey Begins
Peter Island - Deadman's Bay

We met some amazing Canadian cruisers, Paul and Kathryn, that we are blessed to call friends. We spent a couple of weeks hanging out together in the BVI's - it was a nice break from just the two of us on the boat. I think of them as our guardian angels. They have given us so much sailing advice and have really helped us along this steep learning curve on the water. They are such wonderful, giving and loving people - the type of folk we hoped to meet out here on the seas. We read that when you are sailing you are an island and need to be as self-sufficient as possible on your boat (ie: spare parts, power, water). But when things go wrong it is nice to know that there are other cruisers out there willing to help you out in any way they can. Thanks again for everything Paul and Kathryn!!

2011-12 December
Island 12 - Peter Island

A beautiful calm anchorage was recommended by Nic on Peter Island in Little Harbour. At this anchorage you back into shore, drop your anchor, back up VERY close to shore and tie the stern of the boat to the rocks on shore - kind of like house boating in the Shuswap in BC. It was so calm that some people were water skiing in the bay. Snorkeling was interesting in this area - there is a family of squid living in the area, about 15 of them. It was so cool to just hang out with them and watch their behaviour. They swim in a line largest to smallest in formation. Once they do not feel threatened the larger squid will stay in formation and the small ones will go and play.

2011-12 December
Island 11 - Norman Island

Our next stop was at Norman Island in The Bite. This is a protected bay with a popular floating bar, Willie T's. This bar has no boundaries and can get out of hand some nights. We caught up to our friend Nic and closed the bar, but did not join the Austrian rowdies. The next morning we snorkeled some nearby caves.

2011-12 December
Island 10 - Jost Van Dyke

Over a month has passed since my last log - we have been very busy (doing what I cannot pin point). When we first arrived in Puerto Rico it was difficult for us to slow down and get into island time. Now that we have been here for three months we have slowed down almost too much. The days go by so quickly and we are so busy, doing what I am not quite sure??? We left Virgin Gorda and headed to Jost Van Dyke - there was no wind so we had to motor. We spent the first night in Great Harbour and the second in White Bay. White Bay has a beautiful beach that attracts mostly day visitors that leave around 4pm. It is a little hard to get the dinghy into shore because there is no dock, so most people swim into the beach from their boat. The very popular bar is called the "Soggy Dollar Bar", because everyone shows up with wet money. This bar invented the Painkiller drink (Pussers rum, OJ, pineapple juice and a sprinkle of nutmeg). Marc enjoys them, but they are not for me.

2011-12 December
02/10/2012 | Sheldon and Jessica
Fantastic picture! You finally look relaxed.
Back to Virgin Gorda
12/05/2011, Saba Rock - North Sound

Sailed out of Anegada in a small rain storm, weather was nasty for most of the sail, but had pretty good winds and made good time. Grabbed a mooring ball in front of Saba Rock so that we could finally get a decent internet connection. So we are back up to date with our travels!!

2011-12 December
12/09/2011 | Betsy
Fabulous pictures of your wanderlust. Where can I get a job like that!! HAHA

Happy trails and fair winds.
Island 9 - Anegada

Sailed the next day to Anegada, the winds were in our favor and the passage went well. Almost all the islands in the BVI`s are mountainous volcanic formations - hilly and green. This is not the case for Anegada - it is comprised of coral and limestone with the highest point being 28 feet above sea level. The island is 11 miles long with mile after mile of sandy beaches. We stayed two nights at this anchorage. Rented a scooter and did our usual tour of the island, driving down each road, only to find a private driveway. The map provided to us was a postcard. It is still very slow here in the islands, their busy season starts around Christmas, so we saw few other travelers. I was hoping to see the pink flamingos, but we could not find them - Bummer! This was a wonderful anchorage with clear blue-green water, and a cool breeze.

2011-12 December
12/07/2011 | Nathalie
BEAUTIFUL!!! I am using this picture to escape my reality in class right now. Thank you! I am there in spirit with you guys! ;-) have fun!
Oil Nut Bay
12/05/2011, Virgin Gorda

After our hike, and morning swim at The Baths we headed north to a very secluded area called Oil Nut Bay. We thought we might be the only boat anchored in the area, but were joined by a second boat late in the day. They are currently developing this area so no tourists were around. It was a very quiet relaxing day, with some construction noise in the background.

2011-12 December
Island 8 - Virgin Gorda
12/05/2011, The Baths

We spent the night in Spanish Town Bay. Got up at 6:30am so that we could sail over to The Baths and be the only ones there. This is a place that everyone should visit!! It is so beautiful and such a spectacular place. There is no dinghy dock at The Baths, so we decided to swim from the boat to shore. After arriving at shore we realized that we swam to the wrong beach. So in our bathing suits and bare feet we decided to find the road and go inland and find The Baths instead of swimming around the boulders. After a small hike we found the entrance to The Baths. Then we noticed a couple waiting at the entrance, and realized that when you access from the land side there is an entrance fee. We did not bring any money with us in our suits, and did not want to walk all the way back to the beach that we swam to. Thank goodness it was still so early that the Park Attendant had not yet arrived, so we decided to just walk in and continue our exploring. I thought because of our inland delay that we might not be the first and only ones in The Baths, but I was wrong. We were the only ones there, it was fantastic. We did run into another couple on our way out, other than that we had the place to ourselves. The Baths are an unusual formation of large, no HUGE granite boulders. The sea washes in between these huge rocks and creates large pools of water.

2011-12 December
12/07/2011 | Nathalie
Great pictures but when does the photographer get to play "model"? ;-) Looks phenomenal! Enjoy!

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