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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure

Always beautiful sunsets in the harbor. Photo taken by Betty H.

View From the Top

While fixing something on the mast....I think I'll look for photo opportunities.

Luna's learning to fly...

Ready for takeoff...



Kids Visit


Making preparations
06/26/2011, Charleston Harbor

The heat should have chased us out of here long ago, but we continue to work hard getting the boat ready to set sail. We've been patiently waiting for Ed's dental crowns to arrive from the lab, but can't wait much longer. Our new plan is to leave by this weekend or the first of next week. Skylark had a survey done for marine insurance purposes and most things look good. But owning a boat is far more time consuming than a house and yard. It is an endless stream of repairing this, replacing that, and looking for something by pulling everything out of a locker (or two lockers, sometimes more), putting everything back in place after item is located, then realizing something else needs to be located and starting the process all over again. There are numerous runs to West Marine and WalMart (God bless them both) and we can never walk down the docks toward our rental car (which is exactly a 5 minute walk if everyone is napping) without having to stop and chat it up with several boaters along the way. Chats typically entail comments about the weather (we might as well live in Maine), gossip and complaints about the marina (we have very few).

Today we'll inventory EVERYTHING on the boat, make a shopping list for our journey, hang a mirror that's been stubbing our toes on the floor for a week now, and Ed will hoist himself up the mast for the 6th time to do something with something he did yesterday during which something was put on in such a way that now it touches something it shouldn't and needs to be moved. In sailor talk, the toggle for the new solent stay is touching the storm jib halyard sheave.

The kids came for a 3 day visit and it was great seeing them. Skylark performed beautifully on an afternoon sail, with a few minor issues we'll need to address at some point. We've had other visitors, but wish we'd been able to see everyone down here before leaving.

Then, we're off to Lookout Shoals, NC heading offshore for the first time with just the three of us. Luna is studying the charts, resting up and watching the weather. Are we ready? I suppose we'd better be, but yes, I think so.

06/26/2011 | Alan Kronovet
Safe travels on your great adventure. We look forward to reading about and seeing photos of your escapades. Alan & Cary
Living on the boat!
Elizabeth/Breezy and very warm
06/12/2011, Charleston, SC

We are finally moved in/on Skylark. It was an arduous task closing down my private practice, resigning from Ed's job, selling the house, moving our possessions to 9 different locations (and selling, donating, etc), and then driving our car and trailer to Maine to store at my mom's. We didn't quite make it after having a major run-in with a deer in a hurry to get to the other side of the highway, but after some major adjustments to our plan, we left the car in Roanoke for repairs, hooked the trailer up to a 16' Budget rental truck and arrived in Bethel Maine at 3:30AM two days late. When the truck started leaking during a major rain squall, all we could do was laugh. It may have been the only time we laughed, but it counted.

We closed on our house June 3 and turned the keys over for good. We were scheduled to move everything to the boat that day but as all sailors understand, the weather had the final word. Given the intense heat which matched our intense exhaustion, we stayed at a friend's house for a couple of days, driving everything but one carload down on Sunday June 5. After unloading the car in the sweltering heat, we dumped it all and took naps in the cockpit. Slowly we have found homes for all our many things, including in the back of the rental car to be returned to storage back in Charlotte.

The morning after we arrived, Ed bought us a great a/c unit which makes life bearable on the boat but takes up a good bit of space. I don't think we could have survived without it.

And Luna? She is happy when she can hang with us, preferably both of us together. She's a good sport.

We have photos from friends visiting and sailing with us, photos from our niece's high school graduation in Maine, and other assorted pictures but I haven't figured out how to upload those yet. Give me some time and I'll get that done soon. Ed has been handling the blog but I will be the new "manager" from this point forward. Although we don't always have a good internet connection and at times we won't have one at all, I will attempt to keep everyone updated a couple of times a week. If you're a friend of Ed's on Facebook, you will be alerted when there's a new entry. But I am stubborn about Facebook so you won't know about updates unless you check the website periodically.

Thank you to everyone, and I do mean everyone for all the help, support, rescues, and emergency interventions you provided during the past several months. We are hugely grateful for all of you.

06/13/2011 | Karen Kottkamp
Glad you are there and staying cool with the new a/c unit! We need to venture over to meet the new neighbors, but just haven't been up to it yet.
It seems strange to see different cars parked in your driveway :( We look forward to reading about your adventures!
06/13/2011 | nancyJo
Hurray!! Bravo! Mazel Tov! Congrats! Bon Voyage! Break a Leg! (no wait, that's for something different) you guys and am very proud of both of you. You are embarking on a wonderful and grand adventure!! Stay cool. Talk to you soon. xo
Big Move

We are pulling together our last big load of personals from the house and moving it all aboard Skylark this week. I have to move our CQR anchor out of the aft berth hanging locker and turn the locker over to Elizabeth and my clothes. My shirts have lived on top of that anchor for a couple years but it is time to make room for both of our things.

It's also time to do all the final wiring this week. We have Jeff the electric guru coming over at the end of the week to inspect all and complete some of my work. We have the aft deck lights, solar panels, HF Radio, stereo and water maker to review. Then we will head out into the harbor and Swing The Compass for the final tweak.

Above is a pic of the water maker location. Soon I will take the time to write into these paragraphs some basic HTML code that will throw photos into the dialog. Much more fun.

05/08/2011 | Jim
I hope if you guys come south, we can get the Skylarks together. Fair winds!

s/v Skylark

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