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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
If it's not one thing...
07/12/2011, On our way to Beaufort

Outboard engine on our dinghy quit on us today....on our way to Beaufort to repair. Winds too strong to row ashore and Luna is insisting we resolve this problem promptly. More later....

07/12/2011, Lookout Bight in Cape Lookout, NC

We lifted our anchor at 6am yesterday and dropped it just about 12 hrs later in a serene, lovely, isolated state park. Along the way we were joined briefly by two leopard dolphins who swam at our bow and looked up at us while they swam. Always a thrill and first time seeing the leopards who are lighter, spotted and more gray than black. We also saw a huge sea turtle and lots of fish, none of whom were caught by us, but some who chewed on our bait.

When we arrived here, the first thing we saw were the wild horses grazing along a bank. That was an incredible sight. This place is only accessible by boat, and as soon as we have Internet on our computer, I'll download photos. This iPad was a worthwhile investment because we would be unable to keep the blog up to date otherwise, but as I've mentioned, I can't add photos here.

Today I am forcing Ed to play and explore all day. This is not easy for Ed who has already suggested working on the water maker (not), doing some chart plotting for our next leg (is he serious?) and climbing the mast to fix our burgee which is tangled (ok, maybe). Last night after dinner, we lay in the cockpit watching the moon rise, brighter by the minute. Ed couldn't stop talking, which is one of his charming qualities because he always has something interesting to impart. However, I just needed to listen to the night, which I told him. He was silent for approximately 15 seconds before saying matter of factly, "I'm getting a moon tan, can you pass me the moon screen?" God love him!

On our way again
07/11/2011, Outside of Wrightsville

We pulled the anchor up at 6am and are back on open waters heading north to Lookout Shoals. The day is sunny, winds lights 4 knots from the east. Not so good for sailing, but better than what we had last Thursday night and all day Friday. Luna swam yesterday in the inlet and played ball with another dog, Sidney. Sidney's person knew Michael from F dock because he's a competitive paddler. We think his name was Frank. We hope everyone from home is well, and from F dock. We won't have Internet for long but after about 30 minutes out, we finally remembered to turn the SPOT tracker on this morning so you should be able to follow our progress. the gps on the blog page may not be as accurate.

Too long in the sun
Elizabeth & Ed
07/09/2011, On Skylark

Too long in the sun.

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