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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
View from our friends' house
08/02/2011, Chesapeake Bay, MD

View from the home we stayed at in Maryland--just beautiful

08/02/2011 | Lyndall
As one of your Loverly Landlubber Friends (LLF), I am ecstatic that you're keeping these blog entries coming! I can experience this vicariously. The photos are gorgeous. The combination of good ole SPOT and the BLOG have ya covered! Hope we can visit you somewhere soon. XXOO Miska says hi to Luna Girl. Lyndall
Quick catch-up
08/02/2011, Scituate, MA

Enjoy the photos, which aren't in the exact order they should be, but it's all I can manage at the moment. We have had a great time with Landon who is a fine sailor and therefore a huge help to us. We're having a good visit with my 86 year old Aunt Nancy (doesn't she look like a spring chicken?) and cousins. Ed is on the boat today fixing our bilge pump (needs a new backflow preventer), Landon and I are underneath a ceiling fan on my Aunt's porch working on computers and staying cool. We leave early tomorrow morning for Isles of Shoals, NH. Portland, ME by Thursday and Bethel by Friday.

08/02/2011 | Rog & Judy
Its been great reading your blog and following your progress on spot/track. Keep in touch and look forward to seeing you in Sept./Oct.1st at Steve's and Heathers wedding.
Shore leave
08/02/2011, Scituate, MA

Ed, Elizabeth and Landon on shore leave at Aunt Nancy's

Tight fit on the Canal
08/02/2011, Cape Cod Canal

Barge and tug boat passing us on the canal

Provincetown Store
08/02/2011, Provincetown, MA

Typical quirky kind of store in P'town--always something fun, off-beat, funky going on.

Two more photos of P'town
08/02/2011, Provincetown, MA

Check out the large b&w photos of the elderly women on this building at one of the Provincetown piers. Great concept.

With family on land
08/02/2011, Scituate, MA

At my Aunt Nancy's house with cousins Jamie and Ren.

Scituate Harbor Lighthouse
08/02/2011, Scituate, MA

Some of my father's ashes were strewn here a couple of years ago, right beneath the lighthouse. Aunt Nancy, mom, sister Nancy Jo and I left a part of him to the sea, where he would swim in the most frigid water imaginable. It was remarkable approaching this place by boat.

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