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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Isles of Shoals, NH

Isles of Shoals, NH, kind of a strange place.

08/05/2011, Cape Ann, MA

On the way to Isles of Shoals, we pass Cape Ann at Gloucester, MA, home of the the best fish sticks known to all children raised in the 50's. Well, I loved them anyway.

08/05/2011, Bethel, ME

We are settling in to my mom's house in Bethel. Once we moored in Portland
Harbor, we ferried Landon to shore so he could take a cab to the train station
where he left our car when he met us in Mystic. The drive up to Bethel was brief and uneventful (90 minutes). Luna was delighted to see her old friend Toyota Highlander and is enjoying getting to know her cousin Bella (my brother's dog) and having grass to roll in at mom's. The weather here is perfect; no humidity, temperatures in high 70's and low 80's, everything in full
bloom and looking healthy.

Our week sailing with Landon was really great and we will really miss having him when we get back on Skylark, but for now, we are glad to be here with family. Ed has some work to do on the boat, maybe tomorrow, and I'll go down next week to give her a thorough cleaning. Mom and sister Nancy Jo will hopefully sail with us for a couple of days next week and brother Jon might do a day sail with Ed before that.

Before the blog goes on vacation, we'll download photos from Isles of Shoals.

08/05/2011 | Kathryn Sain
I bet you're all glad to be with family and on land for a bit, especially seeing your wonderful family! have a great is Luna with her sea legs? give my love to everyone!
08/05/2011 | Charles & Elaine
Glad conditions improved as you went along!! Enjoy your family visits as we all know how precious family is.
View from our friends' house
08/02/2011, Chesapeake Bay, MD

View from the home we stayed at in Maryland--just beautiful

08/02/2011 | Lyndall
As one of your Loverly Landlubber Friends (LLF), I am ecstatic that you're keeping these blog entries coming! I can experience this vicariously. The photos are gorgeous. The combination of good ole SPOT and the BLOG have ya covered! Hope we can visit you somewhere soon. XXOO Miska says hi to Luna Girl. Lyndall
Quick catch-up
08/02/2011, Scituate, MA

Enjoy the photos, which aren't in the exact order they should be, but it's all I can manage at the moment. We have had a great time with Landon who is a fine sailor and therefore a huge help to us. We're having a good visit with my 86 year old Aunt Nancy (doesn't she look like a spring chicken?) and cousins. Ed is on the boat today fixing our bilge pump (needs a new backflow preventer), Landon and I are underneath a ceiling fan on my Aunt's porch working on computers and staying cool. We leave early tomorrow morning for Isles of Shoals, NH. Portland, ME by Thursday and Bethel by Friday.

08/02/2011 | Rog & Judy
Its been great reading your blog and following your progress on spot/track. Keep in touch and look forward to seeing you in Sept./Oct.1st at Steve's and Heathers wedding.
Shore leave
08/02/2011, Scituate, MA

Ed, Elizabeth and Landon on shore leave at Aunt Nancy's

Tight fit on the Canal
08/02/2011, Cape Cod Canal

Barge and tug boat passing us on the canal

Provincetown Store
08/02/2011, Provincetown, MA

Typical quirky kind of store in P'town--always something fun, off-beat, funky going on.

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