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It's Always An Adventure
Brother Jon, Sister-in-law Anne, niece Emma in DC
08/05/2011, Annapolis

This photo was taken shortly after we saw Jon, Anne and Emma in Annapolis. We are now pleased to be seeing them again in Bethel, Maine. Younger sister Margaret, Landon and their girls Anna and Cathryn also live in Bethel. Older sister Nancy Jo is coming from CA after visiting Aunt Nancy in Scituate. We will miss Joe, still in Russia and our kids Ryan and Amanda, who are working hard at jobs in Charlotte.

Skylark blog will now officially begin its much deserved vacation. I will add some family photos at some point. Regards to everyone and thanks for your continued interest in our journey.

08/07/2011 | Jan Keny
Enjoy being with family!!! What a great time youall will have. Does this time together feel different than other times, I wonder?
Portland, ME

Lighthouse at Portland Harbor where we are moored.

08/05/2011 | Mike
I was wondering where you got a mooring or anchored in Portland Harbor? We have bristol 45.5 and will be up there next week.
Baby seal, close up shot
08/05/2011, Isles of Shoals

Now awake and very watchful of us, and Luna watchful right back.

08/06/2011 | judi
Hi Elizabeth!
Loved seeing your photos. Missed Luna in seal photo....So cute. Hope all is going well for you and yours.
08/10/2011 | barbara
Wow, great pics,we miss you guys and gals on the dock! Hot as H___here. 8 days near 100. Enjoy the weather although, did I see Ed in a coat???
Barbara and Rick
Baby Seal
08/05/2011, Isles of Shoals

This sleepy baby seal seemed to be waiting for his/her mama to return. We didn't linger, in case mama was on her way.

Ed and Landon reviewing map
08/05/2011, Isles of Shoals, walking trails

We had an interesting stroll along a trail on top of the cliffs. Twice we crossed paths with minks--first time we've ever seen one. They look like glamorized muskrats.

Dog duty
08/05/2011, Isles of Shoals

Ed taking Luna to shore for dog duty

08/06/2011 | judi
Hi Elizabeth (again)
Luna looking so adorable hanging over edge of dingy....Your photos are stunning. We just returned from trip to Pacific Northwest (Orcas Islands). Such natural beauty...reminded me of some of your photos. Your "stone" has been a good messenger all these months :-). Thanks!
Isles of Shoals, NH

Isles of Shoals, NH, kind of a strange place.

08/05/2011, Cape Ann, MA

On the way to Isles of Shoals, we pass Cape Ann at Gloucester, MA, home of the the best fish sticks known to all children raised in the 50's. Well, I loved them anyway.

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