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It's Always An Adventure
Lake near Mom's house in Bethel
08/24/2011, Swimming near Bethel

Luna swimming at a lake just a short drive from my mom's house.

Swimming hole
08/24/2011, Near Bethel

Lovely little area near Sunday River and the old Outward Bound facility.

Watchful of Irene
08/24/2011, Monhegan

We had an extremely rolly night on a lobster boat mooring ball in the Monhegan harbor. This morning we'll go to shore and explore the island, then head somewhere closer to Rockland or Yarmouth where we can haul the boat out if Irene heads this way. We are busy this morning over coffee and homemade blueberry muffins discussing plans---contingency plans, emergency plans, false alarm plans, best case scenario/worst case scenario plans, heart's desire and dreaded fear plans....and who knows what the best course of action will be. At the very least, we'll have all plans in place just in case. We are thinking of our friends and families along the east coast, and everyone else who lives on Irene's path. Let's hope she's just a big tease.

Will fill in with updates as we can.

On our way again
08/23/2011, From The Basin toward Monhegan

First, we apologize for failing to turn on the spot tracker consistently. If there are missing footprints, and you are wondering how we got from one point to another with no visible track, that's why. For anyone who hasn't known how to track us, you can do it by going to the spot/tracker link under our favorites section of the blog, which you'll find on the lower right-hand side of the home page. Once there, go back to previous pages for a more complete history.

We spent two great nights at the Basin and feel rested, relaxed and ready to continue exploring. There's so much to see on the Maine coastline that we don't want to stay too long in any one place. It's what we do when we travel anywhere, like when we spent two weeks in Europe and zipped from place to place. Some people might wonder why we don't settle someplace and relax or explore more. I don't think it's in our natures, although we always enjoy digging in when we decide to. And we will definitely stay put if we find somewhere to explore more in depth.

Last night brought high winds and a cold front. Prior to the shift in conditions we explored the trails surrounding the basin, I swam a bit, Ed grilled chicken breasts which I put on an arugula, feta, tomato, black olive and pine nut salad with homemade vinaigrette. Very tasty and easy.

Tonight's dinner? Leftover chicken in a pasta blend with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano, parsley, black olives, feta and whatever else I find.

Skies are clear, temperatures mild and light breezes from the south.

We're on our way to Monhegan, thanks to the gentle urging from our friend T. It's not easy for sailboats who want to spent the night there, with no anchoring and only a couple of available mooring balls, and they belong to tour boats/ferries and lobster boats. But we're going to give it a try, with a backup plan to go elsewhere if we don't succeed. We could go to Boothbay Harbor, where Skylark hails from, and take an excursion boat to Monhegan, but we'd rather not.

Seeing the Maine coast
08/21/2011, The Basin

Since leaving Portland, we spent one great night at Jewell Island, one at S. Freeport and are now hunkered down at The Basin with storms all around us. We went to S. Freeport to meet dear friends Chuck and Enes. We have been good friends since my graduate school days, which was in the late 70's and it is always a treat seeing them when we are in Maine. They live close to Portland. There are some great photos, which I tried to download this morning while I had internet service, but the blog website was down. If it's not one thing, it's another. Tonight Ed and I cooked 4 lobsters ($3.50/lb--can't beat that!) and I must say they were delicious. We'll have some of Enes's fresh blueberry
cobbler for dessert-yum. The Maine coastline is incredible, endless, well-worth exploring. We are enjoying some free time without a schedule to keep and we are grateful for the cooler temperatures. We have worn jackets on several
occasions, and I predict that in a few weeks I'll be complaining about the cold. I will never forget the heat of this summer, however, so will keep all complaints to a minimum.

Luna is well, enjoying her swimming whenever the opportunity presents itself. Yesterday morning, at Jewell Island, she ate a bunch of shale rock and shells before we could stop her. We have no idea why, but later when she vomited it all up, we were shocked at how much she ate. Even little stones! Ed says, "It was her first low tide experience." I say, "What??". She appears fine today.

There is a couple anchored here who have 3 large dogs with them. I keep trying to imagine the sleeping arrangements.

08/22/2011 | Charles & Elaine
Just a wild guess....could there be a strong odor of fish in the sand/rocks during low tide that would make her think "yummy"?
Cousins, with grandma in background
08/19/2011, Bethel, ME at my mom's

Anna, Cathryn and Emma


Anne and Landon at local pub, before Landon's shave.

At a pub in Bethel

Niece Anna and Elizabeth

08/21/2011 | Kathryn Sain

Love all the photos.....looks like vacation and family are agreeing with you! I know you're having a blast..much love

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