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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
New Storm

We are really hopeful the new storm forming does no damage to the Bahamas. They are suffering enough as it is. We obviously hope it avoids the U.S. as well, but after seeing images of the Bahamas, we are sending positive thoughts their way.

09/02/2011 | Betty
Hey there!
So...sounds like all is well. Happy 18th! I remember that day like it was yesterday. David and I just celebrated 24 last week. Do you think Locke will plan something nice for us next year? :-)
Have to get to the bank and other errands.

Love and hugs
Under Bridge over Eggemoggin Reach

Under the bridge.

Bridge over Eggemoggin Reach

En route to Frenchboro.

Frenchboro Harbor

Skylark on right.

Frenchboro Cottage

Tiny cottage with enormous view.

Frenchboro Lobster Boat
09/02/2011, Frenchboro

Jan K. asked if it feels like a holiday weekend and if we care that the Carolina Panthers lost their preseason game. Not really to both questions! We are, however, cognizant of where we'll be and whether it will become crowded (Mt. Desert) due to the holiday. And then there's our 18th anniversary this weekend which we only realized when my calendar reminder popped up. As far as the Panthers? I'm afraid we stopped caring about them long ago. I suppose we were just fair-weather friends afterall.

I am pleased with myself today because Luna and I took our first solo dinghy ride to shore this morning. I have been driving it for awhile now and learning the tricks of docking, tying up, what to do when the engine won't start, etc. But I'd never actually taken it out alone, which wasn't difficult but it was a first. Luna and I explored the island (the photos are all from that walk) while Ed climbed the mast to fix the halyard block for the new inner stay. We are hoping the Offshore Store opens as promised because their lobster rolls are known around these parts as being unbeatable. I'm a sucker for a good lobster roll.

This is a lovely place, though there's a terrible rivalry between the Offshore Store owners and the Lunt family who owns the dock where we're moored. It's sad since it's a very small island and must divide the town apart.

09/02/2011 | john desjardin
Not a rivalry, more of a new business starting up & giving some good competition.
NY Times
08/31/2011, Buck's Harbor Marine

I finally got caught up on some news this afternoon after bumming a NY Times from a woman who was finished with the front page. I was shocked at the havoc Irene wracked on the eastern part of the U.S. We hope everyone gets their power turned on quickly and our hearts go out to anyone who lost loved ones. We are grateful to have dodged a bullet but sorry so many others are suffering. We have family who is in MA and out of power, my mother was stranded in Santa Fe and I haven't been able to talk with her since before the storm. Let's hope Katia fizzles out before she creates any problems.

09/01/2011 | Jan Keny
Great photos of Vinalhaven and friends. Just love it all. Again, so glad youall are safe and continue to be protected... Panthers lost preseason game again tonight --would you even care? Such a different, and wonderful life. Thinking of you as we approach a holiday weekend, does it feel like a holiday weekend to you?
Vinalhaven-flower pots on the water
08/31/2011, Vinalhaven, ME

In town.

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