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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Mt. Desert

There is an enormous amount to see in this area and it's as scenic as one could hope for in Maine. The leaves are beginning to change here, which wasn't noticeable anywhere else but we are further north now. We are mindful of some bad weather approaching, the hurricane and our need to be heading south. We'd love to spend another week exploring, but will probably begin to head back toward S. Freeport and Portland. We have to pick up our life raft which we dropped off in Portland for inspection, and our outboard engine which we left somewhere else for a tune-up. We'll pick up a mooring in S. Freeport and work on the boat a bit, readying her for the long journey South. We need to unload some things from the boat that we find we don't need and run them up to Bethel for storage, then we'll wrap up our Maine adventure and be on our way.

We have had no cell phone reception and very spotty internet service. I'll submit this post without photos but will try to download a few while I have a little bit of a connection.

09/04/2011 | Jan Keny
continue to love these posts... I am very impressed that after all your careful planning and consulting and planning and consulting, you have found there are things you don't need and will put in storage. Don't our lives continue to amaze and surprise us???
Luna's parents
09/02/2011, Frenchboro

Luna with her people

Frenchboro view

Looking at Mt. Desert, our next destination

Final photos of Frenchboro
09/02/2011, Frenchboro

Harbor from above

09/02/2011 | NancyJo Cravalho
If you happen to find a lighthouse for sale please let me know. I always wanted to live in one....I am loving all the pics of Maine -- makes me homesick. Love you
09/05/2011 | Jackie
As year round islanders on Frenchboro we are so pleased that you have enjoyed your stay. There truly is incredible beauty here. We hope to see you next year. I would love to tell you about some of the more hidden spots like
"Brandy Rock" where the rum runners hid their hooch back in the day or the old shipwreck on Rich's head. Fair thee well Skylark and God speed to you and yours.
New Storm

We are really hopeful the new storm forming does no damage to the Bahamas. They are suffering enough as it is. We obviously hope it avoids the U.S. as well, but after seeing images of the Bahamas, we are sending positive thoughts their way.

09/02/2011 | Betty
Hey there!
So...sounds like all is well. Happy 18th! I remember that day like it was yesterday. David and I just celebrated 24 last week. Do you think Locke will plan something nice for us next year? :-)
Have to get to the bank and other errands.

Love and hugs
Under Bridge over Eggemoggin Reach

Under the bridge.

Bridge over Eggemoggin Reach

En route to Frenchboro.

Frenchboro Harbor

Skylark on right.

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