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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Skylark at rest
09/27/2011, Norwalk Island

Skylark at anchor.

Captain of the dinghy
09/27/2011, Norwalk, CT

Ed driving the dinghy

On our way to NY
09/27/2011, Between Norwalk, CT and NYC

We had a quiet night off the town where I was born. Luna got to run wild on a small stretch of deserted beach, then swam and seemed totally pleased with herself and with her people. This morning when Ed took her back ashore to do her business, the dinghy started to float away due the rapidly changing tide. Next thing he knows, he's swimming after it. Wish I had see that one. Luna thought it was great fun, swimming together to the dinghy, and off she went alongside him, then tried to jump in it from the water. Those two....

We are expecting bad weather over the next few days and that always changes our plans somewhat. We are going to spend tonight with cousin Kristin and her family in Brooklyn, then go back to the boat for a night at anchor Wednesday and evaluate the situation. We'll get a slip tonight so we can fuel up and secure things for a night ashore, arriving at Manhasset Bay presently. Wish we could see all our family up and down the coast, but it just isn't possible. We are all doing well.

Sunset at Anchor
09/26/2011, Duck Island Roads, CT

Sunset, final photo.

Sunset at Anchor-2
09/26/2011, Duck Island Roads, CT

Sunset again

Sunset at Anchor
09/26/2011, Duck Island Roads, CT

(Happy Birthdays, Margaret and Ron C!) It was a long day yesterday, leaving Newport around 0830 and arriving at Duck Island Roads (in Westbrook), CT at 1830. We are trying to plan our next few weeks, juggling our needs, desires, and concerns with an eye on the rainy weather coming our way and the schedule we have to be mindful of for the offshore passage to the Caribbean. Last night we had eggplant parmesan I'd made in Scituate and frozen, but it wasn't the best. Ed seemed to like it, though I suspect he was being polite. It's rare I make something I actually wish I hadn't made, but I won't be doing this dish again. Oh, wait, there's more of it in the freezer....darn.

The sunset presented a superb photo opportunity last night, but if you can believe it, we actually missed the best shots within minutes of taking Luna across to an island to do her business. Reminder to self (again) do not leave home without a camera or phone with camera!! Still, these photos aren't too shabby.

Tonight we'll anchor or dock in the town where I was born many, many years ago.

The original NYYC
09/25/2011, Newport, RI

This is the original New York Yacht Club which was from the mid 1800's (I think 1844) and then sold to someone who stored it in his garage for many years. Eventually, the Newport New York Yacht Club found our where it was and bought it back. Or something like that. I'm looking up at the current yacht club which we photographed from the side. There was a big event going on so that was as close as we could get to it.

Leaving Newport
09/25/2011, Newport toward Stonington, CT or Duck Island Roads

We left Newport this morning at 8:30 under slightly foggy conditions, warm temperatures and very little wind. So why are the seas so rolly, as though we're in the middle of the ocean with strong winds and constant swells?? The fact that I'm posting on the blog under these conditions must demonstrate either my total devotion to keeping everyone updated, OR, and this is probably more truthful, my utter lack of common sense when faced with imaginary, self-imposed deadlines. Writing has always been my form of therapy and it must be important for me to unload at this very moment.

We loved being in Newport and are also ready to be on our way. We got a lot of organizing done like the navigation area and the hanging locker which holds our foul weather clothes, a spare anchor, ditch bag (for when an emergency forces us to ditch the boat), a gorgeous hammock given to us by friends in Charlotte, mosquito netting (also given to us by same friends after Ed discovered they weren't using) and our wet suits. Speaking of wet suits, when Bob and Robin (Misty Dawn) took us to the gigantic marine consignment store on Saturday, I found a brand new two-piece wet suit, 3mm, sleevless but full length bottom layer with a long sleeve shorty jacket as the 2nd layer (very versatile) by Body Glove. They sell new for close to $300, on sale for just under $200, this one was marked at $160 and I got it for $115. It was my kind of shopping! Ed got a shackle thing-a-ma-jiggy for $60 which sells at West Marine for $245. Then we had one of the best burgers in town at Zelda's.

Here's a funny story about giving things up and the beauty of being able to do so (an area I am challenged in--which makes living on a 41' sailboat an ongoing lesson). We've had a purple bike from WalMart since living at the marina in Charleston. We used it constantly there but hadn't used it at all since leaving in July. Bob and Robin were teasing us about it, and while they didn't say it outright, they insinuated we were like the Bevery Hillbillies of cruisers. We didn't disagree. At the dinghy dock in Newport, we saw lots of bikes belonging to other boaters. Friday morning we put the bike in our dinghy, stood it up at th bike rack with a "Bike-Free" sign on it. Within 2 hrs it was secured via a bike lock to another bike. We were a bit sad to see it go, but tickled that someone was pleased to get it. The next morning, when Robin and Bob picked us up at the bike rack for our consignment excursion, they ran into boater friends who were thrilled to see them but equallly as thrilled to brag about their new, free purple bike! We laughed and laughed and they promised to return it to us if we ever want it back. We are now considering giving away our a/c, but will probably keep it for awhile. It makes a nice foot stool for me under the salon table.

We said our goodbyes to Robin and Bob (again) and wish them well as they winter under bubble wrap on Misty Dawn. Their sailor friends with the purple bike (who also have a darling dog and a parrot on board) are heading south so we may run into them again.

This photo is of the NY Yacht Club which sponsored the Americas Cup races when they were in the states.

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