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It's Always An Adventure
Still here in the creek
10/30/2011, Sarah Creek

Happy Birthday, Lyndall! Yesterday was pretty brutal for anyone sitting at anchor in a boat with no heat, with a dog who has "needs" and a dinghy whose engine HATES the cold. Did I mention the wicked wind? To be perfectly honest, we do have a little propane heater which we ran yesterday, and it's on right now heating up the main salon. It ran out of propane yesterday forcing us to take the dinghy over to the marina in the cold, wind & rain, borrow the marina car and trek over to WalMart for propane bottles and winter gloves for the captain. The best part of the trip was the the liquor store we passed on the way home. A little decaf coffee after dinner helped warm our bones and we watched "Captain Ron" last night on our computer which was pretty darned funny (we'd seen it long ago). Our berth is mighty cold though, the "I can see my breath!" kind of cold when we're lying there. I am definitely not a fan of cold, in fact as I get older, neither am I a fan of heat. Today was lovely which makes everything seem better. I walked Luna this morning, did 2 loads of laundry over at the marina while Ed worked on the inner forestay. Tomorrow the welder comes and Tuesday brings more crummy weather. We still can't decide what to do, when to do it or where to go. We'll figure it out within the next day or so. I think we'll probably be here another couple of days, but who knows?

Dinner tonight is leftover chili and the last of sundried tomato bread given to us by Leighia. Tomorrow I hope to finish up any grocery shopping and start cooking/freezing. I never got to it today. Or yesterday for that matter. I am still waiting for that hired help person to get here. I think he's tall, dark and handsome, but I might have imagined that.

Mitsy the kitty
10/29/2011, Sarah Creek

This is Tranquility's Mitsy the cat, counting Maya's change. Maya was saving enough to buy my iPod Touch, which she got last night. Yay for Maya, yay for me, and thanks to Mitsy for her banking talents.

Fynn & Ed
10/29/2011, Sarah Creek, Gloucester Point, VA

Playing Nintendo on Tranquility last night.

10/29/2011, Sarah Creek, Gloucester Point, VA

On Tranquility last night, Fynn found great delight in putting Ed's cap on my head, backwards. And then he and Ed had to take a photo which delighted him that much more. I am standing next to Mr. Skeleton who appears to have a headache. Earlier he was in a yoga pose (see the photo with Maya).

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