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It's Always An Adventure
Left Barbuda
12/12/2011, St. John's & Deep Bay, Antigua

We left Barbuda because the winds were favorable and we needed to head back toward Jolly Harbour. We considered going into St John's, especially for the vegetable and fruit market, but it looked a little rough trying to anchor there (just not that appealing or inviting). We're around the corner at Deep Bay. I have a stomach bug today so after our hike up to the fort, I rested the day away. Tomorrow we hope to take the dinghy into St. John's and load up on fresh foods, then get some snorkeling in right here at the boat. There's a sunken ship close to our anchor. Tuesday we head back to Jolly Harbour for our dive certification class, Wednesday-Saturday. We can't really fathom it's mid-December except that all the stores play Christmas music. We know something's up with that.

The night before we left
12/12/2011, Cocoa Point, Barbuda

Moon rising over the water the night before leaving. At happy hour that day, we watched with fascination as the crew of a very large cruiser (probably chartered) who had anchored close by provided the evening's entertainment for her guests. One of the crew was dressed in an Elvis costume driving a small transport boat very fast around the larger boat. Following in its wake, driving erratically were two jet skies driven by other crew dressed up in hero outfits. They raced around the big boat several times as fast as they could go, whooping and hollering. We were astounded. When we woke the next morning, they were gone, having left in the dead of night before the weather turned nasty.

Luna and her papa
12/12/2011, Cocoa Point, Barbuda

Swimming fools. It's hard to stay out of this water.

Resting after a long walk & swim
12/12/2011, Cocoa Point, Barbuda

Luna the wonder dog and her trusted person, Elizabeth

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