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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Seeking cover from pirate ships (fake ones)
12/12/2011, Five Islands Harbour, Antigua

Monday 12/12/11
We are nestled in a wonderful, expansive, quiet cove called Five Islands Harbour (north shore), just outside Jolly Harbour. We were forced out of Deep Bay by a tourist pirate boat just as we were getting ready for an afternoon of snorkeling. They, the tourists, were also getting ready for snorkeling and we quickly decided the cove wasn't big enough for all of us. It's too bad, since we spent the morning in St. John's and could've been snorkeling with the place to ourselves. We had a delightful lunch out (Luna stayed home alone) at a little bistro on High Street, off the beaten path in courtyard down an alley. It was the perfect, albeit expensive lunch getaway. St. John's was crazy, intense but worth a morning's visit. We dinghied over and back.

Tomorrow is Jolly Harbour where we'll say goodbye to Borealis who leave for more southerly islands tomorrow.

On our hike
12/12/2011, Deep Bay/Ft. Barrington

View of Fort Barrington. Wild goats roam the area, giving Luna a tremendous thrill. Too busy sniffing to enjoy the view.

12/12/2011, Deep Bay, Antigua

Ed takes Luna for a paddle.

View of Skylark
12/12/2011, Deep Bay/Ft. Barrington

We climbed up this cliff for a spectacular view. That's Skylark on the right.

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