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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Skylark at anchor
12/22/2011, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Taken from a road going into town. Skylark is the boat to the far right.

At the docks
12/22/2011, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Enjoying a beer and meeting a few people. The dad of the little girls playing with Luna took our photo for us. We think he did a great job.

Christmas Winds
12/22/2011, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

We are in the midst of Christmas winds which come about when the trade winds pick back up from Africa after their summer lulls. Something like that anyway. Last night they were quite strong, with rain squalls throughout the night. Luckily the temperatures at night are quite hospitable, unlike that first week we arrived to Antigua after Thanksgiving. I recall thinking at that time, "We left Charleston, SC in unbearable heat and horrible flies, sailed all this way to arrive in unbearable heat and horrible mosquitos and no-see-ums? Someone remind me why?" The bugs are still an issue for me, I seem to collect a few new bites each night. Don't ask me how, especially when the wind is howling so strong nothing flying would last more than a second at takeoff.

We have been pretty low key since arriving on Monday, relaxing, cleaning, doing a few errands. Our bids on the sunshades and mainsail cover are coming in (oh dear!) and we'll have to decide what to do. Last night we made a wonderful dinner with local fish, avocado (enormous local ones) chopped with fresh tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice, served over couscous-delicious. Ed grilled the fish and no, he didn't catch it himself. Remember, no fishing allowed in Antigua. We've met a few Americans who we've enjoyed talking to, one is the dad of the two little girls (twins) who are playing with Luna. They live in St. Croix full-time. There are many Brits here and some French. Neither make much effort to engage, even though we are friendly with everyone. Many of the Americans or ex-pats are eager to make contact. We had a beer yesterday with Brad, a captain on a sailing yacht anchored close by. He is from NC, dating a woman from High Point and has spent much time in Maine. We enjoyed our visit with him.

I found a Hospice-run thrift shop yesterday where the prices are too high but with it being half-price day (good luck on my part, totally accidental) I scooped up a beach skirt for about $2.00 US. I love a bargain...remember Sarah Creek at York River? I found several great bargains at their local 2nd hand shop. I miss my girlfriend's place, Very Terry's in Charlotte, NC which is the best consignment shop going.

Local scene
12/21/2011, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

This is a sign that read, "One Moment of Anger Change Your Life Forever". Not sure what the context is.

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