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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Dinghy ride into town
02/08/2012, Saint Martin

This post is to my boyfriend Miska. Does this picture make my butt look big?

02/10/2012 | Miska
My mom kept pointing to a black box with a screen saying "there's Luna, Miska" and I kept looking towards the door wondering when you'd appear. These humans. And what's with your body image? Forgetaboutit. You look fabulous! Have a great time with Kathryn. She's all excited to see you soon!
Elizabeth at rest
02/08/2012, Saint Martin at anchor in Simpson Bay

Chuck took this photo of me enjoying the day, looking restful or pensive or bored?? :)

Yellow Cafe on French Side
02/08/2012, Saint Martin

These lovely women were getting ready for dinner guests. The sun was lighting up the yellow tablecloths and wall color, the bust of the lady bright and colorful in the background.

Just another "stinkin" rainbow
02/08/2012, Simpson Bay, Saint Martin

When Ed and I used to cruise in the islands, he would always say, "Just another stinkin' island" when we would head over to a new one. I don't know where he got that from, someone out there probably does, maybe Mike H. in Bermuda? So here is "just another stinkin' rainbow" through the bimini tubing.

Leaving St. Martin for a few days
02/08/2012, En route to Anguilla

Ed taking down the Saint Martin flag.

Chuck en route to Anguilla
02/08/2012, Sailing to Anguilla

While sailing from Saint Martin to Anguilla yesterday morning.

Entertaining friends
02/08/2012, Saint Martin and Anguilla

We left St. Martin yesterday in time for the 9:00 bridge opening out of the Dutch side. It was a very rolly sail to Anguilla, about 4 hours total with waves coming over the top of the boat, the kayak getting a saltwater bath the entire trip. Our friends Chuck and Enes got a bit seasick, but nothing severe, mostly just on the edge. We checked in at Road Bay, walked along the beach, chased away a couple of stray dogs then headed back to Skylark. Last night was the full moon party on the beach, but we decided to stay quiet and act our ages, which is merely a reasonable excuse for why we didn't participate in the frivolity. Enes and I have had several long and psychologically-based conversations which I've enjoyed, while Chuck has been Ed's loyal first mate, also enjoyable for me. And our guests wash the dishes! It didn't occur to me when we were anticipating having company that they would take over dish duty. I hate washing dishes.

This is our friend Enes who is battling seasickness on the way to Anguilla. She will not like my posting this particular photo, but she's sleeping right now and I'm sneaking it in.

02/08/2012 | Mary (Mare)
Ene--You still look beautiful-talented you can sleep and hold onto the rail simutaneously. Am sure Chuck is totally enthralled with asking Ed question about the boats navigatrion system and enjoying every meinute of it. Ene loves doing dishe\s, so am sure it certainly is not intolerable for her.Hope the 4 of you have a very special trip and enjoy the sun and warmth--no snow to speak of in Vermont, mostly ice---and 2 below zero this mornig.Love Mary
02/08/2012 | Mary
Sorry--I do know how to spell, but did not have my glasses on! Love to Chuck as well Ene!

PS: Miska would not have a chance if Luna met Steppen.
Superbowl in St Maarten
02/05/2012, Simpson Bay

Our friends from Maine will arrive any minute and we hope to see some of the game in a local bar. We have no current knowledge of the football scene, but since I'm from New England, I suppose that's who I'll cheer for. Ed's from NJ so we'll make him cheer for the Giants just to keep it interesting.

I hope to post a little more on the blog soon, but it's hard without wifi and now with company, I'll just have to see. Go Patriots!

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