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It's Always An Adventure
Beach in Little Bay
02/09/2012, Anguilla

A teeny tiny beach provided us a perfect lounging area for the morning, and then a launching area for snorkeling. Ed and I returned later with Luna and that's when she played with the local boys.

Cliffs in Little Bay
02/09/2012, Anquilla

High cliffs with grottos and cactus growing out of the sides surround this sweet little cove. A private beach gave Luna a thrill, until she decided she MUST leave and tried to climb the steep wall out. Why she felt the need to leave, we couldn't determine. Later, a couple of local brothers swam with us, but our camera battery died before we could capture the spirit they brought to Luna with their tennis ball and enthusiasm. One of them wanted my noodles for floating, but I wasn't willing to give it to him. I'm funny about my noodles.

Sunset over the lagoon
02/08/2012, Simpson Bay, Saint Martin

Another stunning sunset.

Dinghy ride into town
02/08/2012, Saint Martin

This post is to my boyfriend Miska. Does this picture make my butt look big?

02/10/2012 | Miska
My mom kept pointing to a black box with a screen saying "there's Luna, Miska" and I kept looking towards the door wondering when you'd appear. These humans. And what's with your body image? Forgetaboutit. You look fabulous! Have a great time with Kathryn. She's all excited to see you soon!
Elizabeth at rest
02/08/2012, Saint Martin at anchor in Simpson Bay

Chuck took this photo of me enjoying the day, looking restful or pensive or bored?? :)

Yellow Cafe on French Side
02/08/2012, Saint Martin

These lovely women were getting ready for dinner guests. The sun was lighting up the yellow tablecloths and wall color, the bust of the lady bright and colorful in the background.

Just another "stinkin" rainbow
02/08/2012, Simpson Bay, Saint Martin

When Ed and I used to cruise in the islands, he would always say, "Just another stinkin' island" when we would head over to a new one. I don't know where he got that from, someone out there probably does, maybe Mike H. in Bermuda? So here is "just another stinkin' rainbow" through the bimini tubing.

Leaving St. Martin for a few days
02/08/2012, En route to Anguilla

Ed taking down the Saint Martin flag.

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