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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Elizabeth (photo by Enes)
02/12/2012, Grand Case, St. Martin

We found this clump of mailboxes along the main street. I stood studying each name and wondering what each person's story was. I will never know.

Sunset in Anguilla
02/12/2012, Crocus Bay, Anguilla

Lovely Crocus Bay gave us a gorgeous sunset for our viewing pleasure.

Two Men on a Dinghy, without the dog
02/12/2012, Road Bay, Anguilla

Ed and Chuck after checking out of customs in Road Bay, Anguilla. We definitely felt Anguilla was worth the trip and added expense, though we weren't charged for the extra day we spent there; a pleasant surprise.

Sunset in Grand Case
Elizabeth (photo by Chuck H)
02/12/2012, Grand Case, St. Martin

Sunset through the shrouds on Syklark.

Relaxing on the French side
Elizabeth (photo by Chuck H.)
02/12/2012, Grand Case, St. Martin

We are settled in off Grand Case on the French side of St. Martin. There's an interesting reef for snorkeling within a dinghy ride, many open beaches and lots of restaurants to choose from. Enes has been recovering from bronchitis, but we managed to find a Dr. in Marigot who prescribed an antibiotic and cough syrup; she is much better now. The sea turtles surround our boat, the water is clear to the bottom and we're all feeling relaxed. Tomorrow is Chuck and Enes's last day; we'll drop them off at a bus stop down the road and then head back to Simpson Bay Lagoon where we can get laundry done, grocery shop and meet our next guest on Thursday. Our internet has been spotty, as you might have noticed by the lack of posts.

Enjoying the beach
02/09/2012, Crocus Bay, Anguilla

Chuck and Enes are having a good vacation and we are, too. We have been eating most meals on the boat, snorkeling, walking the beach, collecting treasures (I found a red hair band and inserts for a pair of large flippers, Ed found a snorkel--we're always on the lookout for free stuff). Luna found a baby coconut which she adored but when she carried it onto the dinghy, she forgot it was in her mouth and dropped it into the sea. What a pitiful expression as she looked down and realized it was swallowed up and gone forever. We'll go looking for another at some point. We're actually not supposed to take anything from the beach in Anguilla so it's just as well. Later when snorkeling off Pelican Point Ed and I saw a medium size sea turtle with a band on its leg...wonder who does the banding?

Tomorrow we return to St. Martin, maybe stopping over in Tintamarre if the weather conditions are right.

Cliffs and Grottos
02/09/2012, Little Bay, Anguilla

It was fun snorkeling beneath and inside these cliffs. Not as much in the way of fish, though we did see some.

Brothers at play
02/09/2012, Little Bay, Anguilla

These two brothers were wild with play, enthusiasm and delight. They also wanted my noodle. No dice.

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