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It's Always An Adventure
Heineken Regatta Spinnaker Series
03/02/2012, St Maarten

The Heineken Regatta is a huge event around here and we loved seeing some of the action yesterday.

03/02/2012 | Kathryn Sain
Gorgeous colors!!!! so glad you guys are in on the action.....keep thinking my job would me 'rail meat' now that I've heard that term!

stop laughing in recognition Ed, knowing that's about all I can really do (without significant direction!) I can make drinks by myself!!xoxoxx
03/05/2012 | Elizabeth
I would be joining you, Kathryn as "rail meat". I've been called worse things in my life but I think I'd prefer being a spectator. It was fun being amidst all the excitement.
Racer leaving at the bridge opening
03/02/2012, Saint Maarten Bridge at Simpson Bay

One of the racing boats and her crew leaving the bridge. The bridge tender was yelling down to the captain telling him to "speed up" and I think he was just hassling him for fun.

Bridge Opening
03/02/2012, Saint Maarten Bridge at Simpson Bay

This is the bridge that opens numerous times for inbound and again for outbound boat traffic. The bridge tender yells at the boats for motoring too slowly and God forbid if you miss the opening and ask for a special one He might concede to let you out but you get a stern radio lecture about needing to take responsibility for your own mistakes and getting your act together. I believe the yacht who asked for special treatment was one of the racers whose crew was late getting to the docks and who needed to get out to be ready for the race start. Anxiety provoking at best! The winds continue to be strong so the racing as been exciting. We went out with a friend on his large dinghy and got some decent photos.

Crepe Booth
02/28/2012, Grand Case, St. Martin

This photo was taken by Chuck and Enes when we went there with them. However, we didn't actually get a crepe at this booth until we returned with Kathryn. Then we had a totally delicious cinnamon crepe split three ways. The wife of the man who made it accused him of "messing up" the crepes from time to time just so he could eat one. He denied it.

03/01/2012 | The Big Bopper and the Blondette
Thank you for your remarks on our recent post, your jealousy is well founded. After you abandoned us in search of better places north, we did our best to find couples to replace you...none had a dog.
We were so lonely when you left, that Ty stopped drinking because it just didn't seem the same.
Having Ed, Elizabeth and Luna onboard spoiled us and we will forever be resentful of your abandonment.
The only solution would be for you to load your boat on a cargo ship along with your mother and have it floated magically to St Lucia. Once offloaded Ed and Luna in the trusty dinghy could come and alert us that you have chosen us above all others and that we will sail forever as a sail boat couple: (Knot Dreaming and Fairwinds). Bow on bow, lashed together from here to eternity.
Did we mention that we miss you?
It is cold and rainy in Rodney Bay and we are having a fireplace installed with a perpetual gas log. The mast is being converted to a chimney. We have heard that inmast chimneys are all the rage.
Ty's mind has shifted from business to lucid dreaming in water scenarios. Judith is furtively searching for banks that will accept her ATM. Ty is contemplating plastic surgery to remove the skin folds from the 50 lbs he has lost around his midsection.
Crepes in Grand Case?? Down here it's eggs and bacon bits with a ginger cookie thrown in for good measure... too cold and rainy to get off the boat today. Ty has decided to move his sundowners to 3 pm to make the day seem shorter.
The trampoline was partially knocked off by waves during the passage to St Lucia. Repairman Ty has restrung it in anticipation of your arrival here by cargo ship. The drinks are ready and Judith's sundowner treats are looking good, come and enjoy. Last night it rained over 12 inches, no lie, just poured and poured. Thought we were going to drown in bed we heard so much rain. We love all three of you!!!!! Ty and Judith
03/02/2012 | Elizabeth
Oh my! If only we were aware of the brutal destruction we leave in our wake. We are looking into booking the cargo ship and will get back to you promptly as to the status. Luna already put a bid in for the first ticket out. Our boat, however, is Skylark, not Knotdreaming, so if you want us to be really great friends, you're going to have to get our boat name imprinted in your brain. Have a cocktail tonight. It will probably ease matters considerably! :)
Waiting for our next visitor
02/28/2012, Simpson Bay, Saint Martin

We are taking care of business, like taxes, getting some supplies ordered from the states that we need for Luna, making a list of remaining work to be done before heading south after our next visitor leaves and all that kind of stuff. My mom arrives a week from today and we're very excited about her visit. We will probably be a bit limited with the winds when she's here, but if they subside, we might see what we kind find close by. For the past couple of days the gusts have been as high as 30kts and sustained winds from 20-25. It howls day and night. Every once in awhile, Luna, whose favorite napping place is on deck under the forward awning comes to alert us that the wind is wicked loud and should we be doing something about it. We reassure her and she goes back to her resting place. But the sky is clear for the most part and the temperature is comfortable.

This photo is of Ed and me taken by Chuck and Enes in Marigot. Don't ask me why my face is shiny.

03/04/2012 | betty Boop
Good to see you two! I miss you terribly but love that you are having the time of your life (lives)! Thanks for the birthday wishes. A good time was had by all...
Love and Hugs
Using Internet at a closed bar on a Sunday morning
02/26/2012, Simpson Bay, Saint Martin

A friend asked where all the photos were of us people, and honestly, we didn't take very many during Kathryn's visit. Not sure why, but here is one of me catching up on Internet, Blogging, Emailing at a local bar. The bar is closed but we have their internet password and it's a pleasant place to sit for awhile. I am wearing my fashion sunglasses which I'm certain were not designed to occupy 3/4 of my face. They were cheap and my other pair broke. The broken pair were freebies. I lost an expensive pair while still at Sarah Creek in VA (which I later found) and when I went into a restaurant to inquire about whether anyone found them in the parking lot, the restaurant manager handed me a great pair and said, "Take these, they've been here a long time and no one claimed them". Those are the ones that broke finally. I do love freebies....

Kathryn left yesterday and we watched as her USAirways jet took off over our boat. We waved but the plane banked away from the lagoon just at that moment. We had a good visit and the boat was very quiet this morning. Not that Kathryn was all that loud.

Man and his dog series #5
02/26/2012, Simpson Bay, Saint Martin

Ed to Luna, "I love you, but don't kiss me again, ok?" Luna to Ed, "K".

02/27/2012 | nj
Boycott ended. I love these pics. Started my day with a huge smile and warm heart. Love and miss you guys! xoxo
02/27/2012 | Elizabeth
Yay! Welcome back! I figured we had to entice you with charming photos of Ed and Luna.
Man and his dog series #4
02/26/2012, Simpson Bay, Saint Martin

Ed to Luna, "Oh Jeez, I can't believe you just kissed me!"

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