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It's Always An Adventure
Heineken Regatta Spinnaker Series
03/02/2012, St Maarten

The Heineken Regatta is a huge event around here and we loved seeing some of the action yesterday.

Racer leaving at the bridge opening
03/02/2012, Saint Maarten Bridge at Simpson Bay

One of the racing boats and her crew leaving the bridge. The bridge tender was yelling down to the captain telling him to "speed up" and I think he was just hassling him for fun.

Bridge Opening
03/02/2012, Saint Maarten Bridge at Simpson Bay

This is the bridge that opens numerous times for inbound and again for outbound boat traffic. The bridge tender yells at the boats for motoring too slowly and God forbid if you miss the opening and ask for a special one He might concede to let you out but you get a stern radio lecture about needing to take responsibility for your own mistakes and getting your act together. I believe the yacht who asked for special treatment was one of the racers whose crew was late getting to the docks and who needed to get out to be ready for the race start. Anxiety provoking at best! The winds continue to be strong so the racing as been exciting. We went out with a friend on his large dinghy and got some decent photos.

Crepe Booth
02/28/2012, Grand Case, St. Martin

This photo was taken by Chuck and Enes when we went there with them. However, we didn't actually get a crepe at this booth until we returned with Kathryn. Then we had a totally delicious cinnamon crepe split three ways. The wife of the man who made it accused him of "messing up" the crepes from time to time just so he could eat one. He denied it.

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