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It's Always An Adventure
Dangerous Fun
03/13/2012, Maho Beach, Saint Martin

We took Mom to the airplane beach (Maho) to watch the large jets come in for low landings and sandblasting take-offs. We were sufficiently thrilled. As we passed this dire warning, mom and I laughed about us exposing our "old mother" to something dangerous and how irresponsible some people might think we are after seeing this sign. And in fact, one of the jumbo jets turned for takeoff before we expected and we got blasted with sand. We were supposed to be out of the line of fire but never anticipated the premature turn. There was a plane on approach for its landing just as the jumbo jet was getting ready for takeoff so we thought maybe the big guy got in a hurry. We had sand in our hair, clothes, everywhere. But we all thought it was great fun.

Man and his pal at the Marigot Market
03/13/2012, Marigot, Saint Marten

This man and his dog were napping at the market in Marigot. They looked rather content, don't you think?

Ed and Luna Nap Time
03/13/2012, Saint Martin

These two rascals were having a lazy moment and got caught by the ever-observant photographer. They were napping like this just a few hours after I got the photo of the man and his dog in the Marigot market.

Dramatic Sunset
03/10/2012, Saint Martin

We finally have a reprieve from the crazy winds we've endured for the past couple of weeks. These are fair weather cumulus clouds that can follow very windy conditions. Ed told me this and when I accused him of making things up, he brought out his clouds book and showed me the photo. There it was. He doesn't usually make things up, but I give him a hard time anyway to keep him on his toes.

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