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It's Always An Adventure
Excursion around the island
03/18/2012, Oyster Pond, Sint Maarten

Happy Belated Birthday, Kathryn! Tomorrow we leave Sint Maarten/Saint Martin for other destinations. We plan to check out of the French-side customs in the morning, stopping by to visit Mike and Sally at Shrimpy's Laundry and Marine Services and leaving through the 2:30 French bridge opening. It's been a great stay and we enjoyed many parts of the island. Yesterday we took another bus ride back to Philipsburg and a taxi from there to Oyster Pond. The beach on the Dutch side was long and beautiful filled with mostly tourists. If you blink, you miss the whole town. The photo of Ed is at one of the local hotels. The cabbie who took us there was named Slim Shady. When he told us his name, Ed said, "Uh Oh!" but Slim didn't get it. He's had that nickname for over 30 years and says most people who know him have no idea his given name. We never found out either. By the way, a special thanks to our friend and sailing mentor Terri H. who told us to be sure and take the buses around the island. We followed her suggestion and are very glad we did. Our next stop? Maybe Tintemarre tomorrow night, or we might go back to Green Cay near Orient Beach for more great snorkeling (I believe we'll skip the naturalist beach this trip). From there we'll probably head back to St. Barts for more exploring at Anse de Columbier. A friend and his wife from NJ will be in Antigua briefly at the end of March, so we'll head back there and have a visit with them before continuing our journey southward. My anxiety dreams have started back after a long reprieve, undoubtedly related to the unknown journey which awaits us. But life is good and the unknown is what makes this adventure an exciting one. I need to give my dream world head's up about that notion.

We are lovingly thinking of some of our family and friends whose lives are presenting difficult challenges back home. You are never far from our thoughts and hearts.

Local Courtyard
03/15/2012, Plaza Del Lago, Sint Maarten

This is one the places where we go for internet service, plus business needs at The Business Point. And let's not forget Happy Hour (2 for 1) at Jimbo's. I like the tile artwork. One of the photos I posted when my mom first arrived is an apartment in this little plaza. I forgot to label it when it got posted.

Feathers in the field
03/15/2012, Sint Maarten

Every morning one or both of us takes Luna over to Port de Plaisance for a little bit of fetch with an orange tennis ball, orange because the lime green ones get lost forever in the similarly colored grass. One day we encountered this handsome guy or gal looking for something to do. Luna offered to play but the bird only plays with two legged feathery things.

Small treasures on display
03/15/2012, Skylark

Among our treasures, a conk shell found on Barbados, shells and coral from a variety of places, a little piece of driftwood from Anguilla and a clay woman with a red cape (gift from our friend T). Above the shelf is a photo Ed took years ago of an Italian fruit and vegetable store in Siena.

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